Duty Officer (Caretaker)

Nov 2 2017 - 10:01am

Hours: Total 30 hours over, including evenings and weekends

We are looking for a Duty Officer to join our team, who must be an excellent timekeeper, flexible and able to work as an active team member. You must have strong experience of repairs & maintenance. You will ensure that the facilities are clean, well-maintained and kept available for use by the public and undertake these duties in a positive manner to achieve the best possible outcome within available resources. You will be supported by the Building Manager and other Duty Officers in the team at the Selby Centre and receive a thorough induction and training on the job. Please pick up the application form at the reception or download it.

Pay: £9.00 per hour.

Duties: Cleaning, minor repair & maintenance, support and deliver plans for future work and preventative maintenance, opening & closing rooms for customers, setting up rooms, security and other similar relevant duties.

Deadline for Applications: 1st December 2017 @ 5pm

Interview Date: 5th December 2017

Please return your application form to Linda@selbytrust.co.uk or hand in at reception.

We are an equal opportunities employer.


POST: Duty Officer

RESPONSIBLE TO: Building Manager

OBJECTIVIES: To ensure that the Selby Centre (and its associated premises) is clean, well-maintained and kept available for use by the public in a facilities management service.

Undertake these duties in a flexible manner to achieve the best possible outcome within available resources by supporting the Building Manager and other Duty Officers in the team.

Good experience in plumbing and carpentry

Hours: Expected To work flexible hours, 30 hours a week (some variations may occur depending on the needs of the organisation) including Saturdays, Sundays and Evenings as required.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

To maintain the Selby Centre in a clean and tidy condition.

To attend Duty Officers meetings and contribute to discussions concerning the operation of the Centre in a positive and constructive manner.

To ensure the relevant Health &Safety standards are met within the Selby Centre

To refer any problems or queries relating to any aspect of the day to day functioning of the Centre as appropriate to the Building Manager.

To deal with the public and all potential users to ensure that they have equal access to the Centre irrespective of sex, race, disablement, or religion and to conform to the community centre’s Staff Code of Conduct.

To set up rooms for meetings etc. as necessary

To be responsible for opening and closing of offices.

Undertake preventative maintenance, and any other similar duties consistent with the basic objectives of the post.

To work as part of a team to look after the Selby Centre, bringing awareness of site, security, maintenance, safety and cleaning issues into a plan and support colleagues in positive manner.

To report all defects to the premises, furniture, equipment, to the Building Manager, track reoccurring issues and make remedial plans that result in effective repairs

Ensure the maintenance of the facility is in a clean and tidy condition, including cleaning duties.

To ensure the safe, secure and tidy operation of Selby Trust’s equipment and tools, ensuring best use of existing resources.

To work in conjunction with other teams e.g. Communications and Reception to help with displays of posters, leaflets and other publicity materials within the facility on the notice boards provided.

To attend to your duties at the facility in line with the rota.

To assess, refer and resolve any issues or queries relating to any aspect of the day to day functioning of the facility as appropriate to the Building Manager.

To advise potential users and local groups on the procedure for making bookings during your shift as appropriate.

To work flexible hours, which include Saturday and Sundays, including evenings as required.

Any other duties that may be considered necessary within the scope and overall objectives of the post.

Cleaning Tasks

Vacuum Cleaning, mopping, sweeping, machine – scrubbing and polishing of hard floors.

Brushing and vacuum – cleaning of carpets

Emptying of waste bins, ashtrays and removal of refuse (inside and outside)

Spot cleaning of carpets, floors, furniture, wall fixtures ad fittings, including removal of graffiti.

Cleaning lifts and stairs (including control panels and handrails).

Toilet, washroom and shower cleaning (including replenishing soap, toilet paper, towels and other necessities).

Cleaning partitions, doors, ledges and walls

Cleaning of internal glass panels, mirrors and splash back.

Cleaning by dusting and wiping of all furniture, fittings, surfaces and fixtures, dusting and sanitising equipment as required.

Vacuum cleaning of soft furnishings, curtains and upholstery.

Cleaning of equipment and machinery.

Clean any such areas as required by contract or other.

Stripping, sanding and re-polishing hard floors.

Maintenance Tasks

To assess what is required to safely undertake repair, refurbishment or improvement in the facility.

To identify materials required to undertake the repair refurbishment or improvements in the facility.

To clear the drains on a regular basis

Complete all joinery work to a good and safe standard as and when required. A list will be prepared by the building Manager on a weekly basis. Tools to be provided by Selby Trust. Contractors will be used for major works.

Complete plumbing work as required. Plumbing work will be done by a qualified contractor where necessary.

To change light bulbs, tubes etc. and take a record of all electrical work required throughout the building. Electrical work will be done by a qualified contractor where necessary.

Gardening – Have experience in basic gardening skills and using lawn mower and strimmer

To assist with locking up of the building, as and when required by the duty officer.

To put up out of order notices etc. as and when required and generally notify staff and users of the building defects and hazards.

To paint external and internally as necessary.

Equal Opportunity

The Selby Trust is committed to principles of equality of opportunity in terms of service provision and employment. As an employee of the Selby Trust, it is your responsibility to carry out your duties in accordance with this policy.

To deal with the public and all potential users to ensure that they have equal access to the facility irrespective of sex, race, disablement, sexuality or religion and to conform to the Centre’s Duty Officer’s Code of Conduct.

To have an awareness of the purpose and activities at the Selby Centre in order to inform clients and customers appropriately in the course of your interactions with the public on a day to day basis.

Health and Safety

All staff have a responsibility to ensure the health & safety of persons at work and members of the public in premises or sites controlled by the Selby Trust. The methods of achieving this will be by the provision of safe systems of work, safe and healthy conditions and environment and including such information, training instruction, actions to be undertaken by duty officers and supervision as is necessary to achieve these objectives in accordance with safety legislation and the Trust’s policy.

Ensure proper operation of all security systems and procedures at the facility, including liaising with the security company, suggesting and managing improvements and keeping in contact with users on security issues.

To respond when called upon in very rare emergency situations outside office hours for the supervision and proper operation of the facility and be able to address security concerns, police alarms, gas, electric, water services and any emergency issues raised by the local community.

Other duties

To undertake any other tasks requested that are reasonable and in line with the purpose and broad remit of the role and meet the needs of the Selby Trust.


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