On Site Organisations

The Selby Trust
Selby Centre, Selby Road
Tottenham, London N17 8JL

Phone: 0208 885 5499 | Email: Reception@selbytrust.co.uk | Webstie: www.selbytrust.co.uk

Organisations Phone

Allied Commercial Enterprices (ACE)

Development of building projects, Temporary employments agency, Specialist medical practice


Contact: Dr Rizvi

Email: syedishtiaqrizvi@hotmail.com

0208 801 2929

Bennic Ltd (Accountant)

Accountancy Services for small grassroots community groups and companies. Providing payroll,
VAT, Account Preparation, Tax Investigations, Start up advice, Self Assessments, Tax planning, etc
North Block, 1st floor
Contact: Fidelia Igbodo

Email: enquiries@bennic.co.uk

07748 287 303

Black & Ethnic Minority Carers’ Service

Carers' Support Service reaching BME communities and disabled children
Contact: Faiza Rizvi
Email: info@bmecarers.org.uk

0208 808 5510

Cherubim & Seraphim Church of Zion

Faith Group

Annexe, 1st floor

Contact: Ajiminda Bgiham

Email: adesojiakin60@yahoo.com

07946 704 637

Ding Dong Soft play Adventure

Provide support to local children and families to take up affordable healthy activities through the use of soft play play facility
Central Block
Contact: Jaffer or Hassan Bozday

Email: info@dingdongfunbus.com

0208 885 0680

Dalmar Heritage & Family Development

To ensure children have a better understanding of their language and background to build bridges between generations.
North Block Annexe – 1st Floor
Contact: Shamsa Adan

Email: dalmarshfd@hotmail.co.uk


DVSA - Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

Driving Test Centre

North Block Annexe – Ground Floor

Contact: Christopher Jones 

Email: christopher.jones@dvsa.gov.uk

0208 801 2686

Embrace UK Community Support

Aims to relieve poverty among disadvantaged groups including refugees, asylum seekers and migrants by the provision of information, advice and guidance on welfare benefits, housing, immigration, education and training, health related issues such as HIV/AIDS and mental health and conduct research as necessary.
North block, ground floor
Contact: Alem Gebrehiwot
Email: alem@embrace.uk.org

0208 801 9224

Gala Enterprise

Community Hall For all kind of functions

Contact: Cemal Sazdili 




0208 216 9702

07957646897 / 07793092943


Green Man Security Training

Door Supervision, CCTV, First Aid, Physical Intervention, Security Guard

North Block Annexe

Contact: Russell Mountford

Email: gm.training@yahoo.co.uk




Haringey Somali Community & Cultural Association

Advice and guidance on housing, welfare, education and immigration
South block, 1st floor
Contact: Moahmed Ifiye

Email: hscca@btconnect.com

0208 885 1307

0208 801 1307

Haringey Foodbank

Provision of food bank service to those with vouchers from statutory and key community sources
North Block – 1st Floor
Contact: Femi 
Email: folubanjo@hotmail.com


I Can Do It

Lifelong learning opportunities, literacy, numeracy and life skills
North block, 2nd floor
Contact: Raj Doshi
Email: enquiries@icdi.co.uk

0208 365 0032

0208 352 5656

I Can Care

IT Training, ESOL, basic skill English & Maths
North Block, 2nd floor
Contact: Shilpa Desai
Email: enquiries@icdi.co.uk

0208 365 0032

0208 352 5656

Iqra Learning Centre 

Supplementary education for Somali Communities
South Block – 2nd Floor
Email: Sadaq22@gmail.com


Indecare Ltd

Care Agency reaching The Somali Communities       

North Block, 1st Floor

Contact: Hodan Jama

Email: samafallimited@yahoo.co.uk

0208 8852229

Immediate Medical Services


Contact: Dr Rizvi                                                          

Email: syedishtiaqrizvi@hotmail.com

0208 801 2929

5E Limited

ESOL, IT Training, Job Search Support, Higher Level IT Training
South block, 3rd floor
Contact: Raj Doshi

Email: enquiries@fivee.co.uk

0208 885 3456

0208 352 6060

Kurdish Housing Association

Conducts a wide range of housing management in 4 London Boroughs, including Haringey benefiting diverse communities
South block, 1st floor
Contact: Dana Abbas

Email: info@kurdishhousing.org


0208 808 9954

Levis - Lovelive

LoveLive is a video agency that empowers brands to reach targeted audiences through music. We cultivate vital connections between agencies, artists, and rights holders, developing authentic creative solutions that maximize commercial opportunities

Contact: Yasmin Sinfield

North Block – 1st Floor

Email: ysinfield@levis.com

0207 0616441

Iconic Child Care - Learning Path

Help Women back to work, specially mothers with young children. Provide training and courses.  Activities for children

North Block – 1st Floor

Contact: Zainab Mohamed    

Email: learningpathltd@gmail.com


Markaz Elmi Wal - Imaan

Supplementary Education

North block, 1st floor                                                               

Contact: Muna Mohamed                                             

Email: markaz.elmi.wal.imaan1@gmail.com


Metrix Hire (formally known as Marwan Solution)

To assist people who are in difficulties to provide advice and guidance to refer into relevant car insurances

North Block Annexe – 1st Floor

Contact: Marwan Ahmed                                                       ….      

Email: Marwaan@hotmail.com                                                            


Natural Health & Personal Wellness

North Block Annex 1st Floor

Contact: Garad Ali

Email: warsan28@hotmail.com


New Horizon Car Hire Ltd (Osman & CO)

Mincab and Community Transport accountant
South Block – 1st Floor
Contact: Ilyas Mire
Email: Ilyasmire@hotmail.com


North London Community Care

Care Agency reaching BME communities, primarily
from the Somali communities
Central Block
Contact: Abdikadir Ali Hassan
Email: nlccan17@outlook.com



Riyo Accountants

Accountancy Services for small grassroots community groups
North Block Annexe, 1st floor
Contact: Mohamed Abdulle

Email: info@riyoaccountants.com


Roj Women’s Asssoication

To advance the education & training of Kuridsh & Turkish women.  To provide and assist in the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation for Kurdish 8 Turkish women

North Block – 1st Floor

Contact: Sadet Mengi                                                            

Email: rojwomen@gmail.com

0203 302 9879

Offspring Academy

Childcare & supplementary education

South Block – 2nd Floor

Contact: Mohamed Jamac                                                     

Email:  sooldaad33@gmail.com


Selby Bar & Cafeteria

Providing Global food to the local community, hot & cold drinks available
Central Block
Contact: Bayram Nagas


Selby Boxing Club

Is a community boxing club, non-contact boxing, get fit, learn new skills, gain confidence with qualified coaches.

Central Block - Gymnasium                                                  

Contact: Paulo & Neves                                                                    

Email: nevesmabu@gmail.com


Solace Women’s Aid

Violence against women and girls ends here:

Solace Women’s Aid offers free advice and support to women and children in London to build safe and strong lives.  Futures free from abuse and violence

Central Block

Contact: Sharon Sutherland                             

Email: S.sutherland@solacewomensaid.org


020 8920 1470

Technet Easy Services

Promoting IT Awareness & Cyber Security to the Community

South Block – 1st Floor

Contact: Sohail Gohir                                                  

Email: info@technetes.co.uk

0208 292 8916

Temple Of Refuge

Faith group providing support to young people and counselling. Midweek prayers and children’s summer clubs
North block, 1st floor
Contact: Robert Danso
Email: templeofrefuge@aol.com

0208 885 3708

Tottenham Community Press

North Block, Grnd Floor                                           

Contact: Luchia Robinson

Email: TCP@socialspider.com


Uganda Community Relief Assoc.

Health and social care training
South block, 2nd floor
Contact: Sarah Nansukusa
Email: ucra2000@hotmail.com

0208 808 6221

Virash BACH & Co (Accountant)

Chartered accountancy services, specialising in charities
North block, Ground floor
Contact: Viral Patel
Email: viral@Virashbach.co.uk

0208 251 2437

Note: If we do not have your correct email or telephone number, please inform us

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