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We get asked a lot of questions about how you can become a volunteer and what is involved, so we have tried to answer as many of these as we can in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum or minimum number of people you host?

Our usual group size is 5-30 people. We do not take less than 5 people. We do accept more than 30 people however the supervision cost increases £90 per 30 people. So if you had 27 people it would be £150 for the Supervision and Prep fee, if you had 49 people it would be £240 and if you had 84 people it would be £330. The largest group we have had is 102 people.

What does your Supervision and Prep cost cover?

We charge a standard flat fee of £150 per a group (5-30 people). As a charity we need to ensure we cover our costs in every piece of work we do, this includes employee volunteering. The costs are brokendown as follows: - £90 to cover the cost of a supervisor dedicated to you for the day - £60 to cover the cost of organising your day, paper, printing, room usage, transport to purchase materials and our time. This is not a full cost recovery for us, sometimes we still lose out but it is based on the average cost. We do not charge per a head, so if you had 10 people or 30 people the cost is the same. We do however increase the staffing for health and safety reasons and this increased by £90 per 30 people. Sometimes groups wish to have two activities (i.e. painting and gardening). If they can be done in one space (i.e. if you're painting a garden fence) then we keep the supervision to one staff member but if it's two totally different spaces then we may have to have two supervisors.

What times are your activities?

We normally start at 10am and end at 4pm. Below is a standard schedule of the day: 9:45am - Arrival 10am - Briefing (introduction, health and safety, Q&A) 10:30m - Activity commences 12.45pm - Lunch 1:30pm/1:45pm - Activity 3:30pm - Pack up (this may not take as long) 3:45pm - Evaluation 4pm - Pub (or home!)

Do you do half day activities?

No. We have tried these a couple of times and they did not work for us, it left jobs half done and was not helpful for us.

Do you do two-day activities?

Yes. You can have your group come two days in a row. We will still start at 10am - 4pm each day and you can create your own evening team building activities (i.e. hire one of our rooms and have a speaker or facilitator to look at your business strategy etc.)

Do you offer lunch?

Lunch is not included in the price. However there are a few lunch options: Volunteers can purchase their own food from our onsite cafe. You can pre-organise a tab for the cafe and we add it to your invoice (you can set parameters i.e. lunch only or unlimited drinks, snacks, lunch). Lunch deals are availble from £4 per a person. You can order food in (i.e. Pizza) Remember to bring cups, plates etc

Can we bring in our own refreshments?

Yes. We can provide an urn for hot water and a table for you to lay your refreshments out on which can be set up close to where your activity is. Remember to bring cups.

Is there a place for people to keep their bags?

You will have a room dedicated to you for the day. We hold our briefing in there in the morning and then you can keep your bags, coats, change of clothing, packed lunch in the room. The room is locked and your supervisor has the key if you need to access it. If you are ordering in lunch (i.e. pizza) then it will be taken to your dedicated room or if the weather is great, then you can choose to have it in the garden.

Does the cafe accept cards?

No. There is also no cash point onsite.

What is parking like?

The Selby Centre has a huge car-park and car-parking is free onsite. The side roads are also permit free (except on match days). We also have bike racks.

Risk Assessments and Insurance

We provide you with our risk assessment on the activity you choose. We also provide you with a full insurance policy. Your supervisor is First Aid qualified.

Praying Facilities

We have a prayer room onsite which is used by the centre users, staff and visitors.

Can we come to visit prior to the event?

Absolutely. Drop us an email on and we'll find dates/times. You could even come if another group is in to watch it all in action.