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Advice for visiting us

Keep a 2M distance at all times

To help maintain social distancing we have introduced a number of measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for all.

Here is how we are keeping you safe, along with some of the new measures in place at Selby Centre:

We recommend that you wear a face covering when at the Selby Centre unless you meet the exemption
criteria set by the government.

There are one way systems in operation around various locations at the Selby Centre. Please adhere to these routes.

Whilst with us, we recommend you follow social distancing guidelines. We have floor markings to remind you to keep a 2m distance from other users, visitors & staff. 

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and place the tissue into the bin straight away.

Please wash your hands before and after you  visit the Selby Centre. We have hand sanitiser stations across the centre for your use.

We advise users and visitors to regularly check this page and our social media for regular updates as the Covid-19 situation constantly is evolving.

We are now cashless - for all venue hire enquiries, we have now moved online. Please check our sub-section on venue hire for more info.

If you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, we kindly ask that you do not visit us, & that you seek medical advice, following government guidance.

Barriers have been added in select places around the Centre where it is more difficult to maintain social distancing, e.g. at reception.

Please adhere to capacity limits. The next lift will be along shortly.

2m markings, posters and signage have been put up across the Centre for your safety, identifying potential pinch spots, and safer routes of walking around site.

Enhanced cleaning now taking place, with additional substances that kill viruses and bacteria on contact in order to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading.

Venue hire & capacity

Capacity limits are back to normal capacity following a change in government guidance from July 19. Find out more information about our rooms using the below links.



Click here



Click here



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Click here

Colorful Balloons


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COVID-19 vaccines


See latest vaccination pop-ups and booster jab locations


NHS Guidance


With the vast amount of disinformation circulating, it is crucial communities receive the correct information about the vaccine. The BBC has produced excellent translated videos which explain the COVID-19 vaccine and answer frequently asked questions about it in Gujarati, Punjabi, Sylheti, Tamil, Urdu and English. These explain that it is safe to take and very effective. It is important that when the time comes for people to take the vaccine, they do that.

Please help save lives by sharing these resources and the supporting text below within your community networks and WhatsApp/social media groups as soon as possible.

Our fight against COVID-19 is far from over. Share these resources with your friends and family so that they are aware of the latest lockdown rules, and so they can learn about the COVID-19 vaccine and why it is so important. #LondonTogether

Track & trace - NHS Covid 19 app

The Selby Trust is fully cooperating fully with the NHS Test and Trace Service. Details held concerning the use of our Centre will be shared with the NHS, upon formal request only, for the purpose of local disease management control.

When visiting the Selby Centre, we ask that you use the NHS Covid-19 app to scan QR codes around the centre to ensure you are fully cooperating with the app.

Thank you for helping us to keep our licensees, visitors, staff and the wider community safe.

If you’re getting your #COVIDVaccine today make sure you snap a selfie, tag us & tell us why you’re proud to be getting the jab.


Thank you for helping to #KeepHaringeySafe & encouraging others to get the jab when it’s their turn. #ProudToProtect

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The government is removing remaining domestic restrictions in England. There are still steps you can take to reduce the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19:

  • Get vaccinated

  • Let fresh air in if meeting indoors, or meet outside

  • Consider wearing a face covering in crowded, enclosed spaces

  • Get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms, and stay at home if positive

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Last updated 02-03-22


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