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Small and medium-sized enterprise stream

This course helps small and medium-sized business owners use what they love about their business to build a strong plan that will help their business grow and stand out.


We will show how to use this unique quality to attract more customers and build a team that works well with the business goals. Finally, we advise business owners on planning ahead.

This workshop teaches the latest ideas and discoveries about how the mind works when you start and run your own business. Business owners will think deeply about why they want to start a business and what pushes them to keep going, including their own reasons and outside pressures. The goal of the workshop is to help business owners make a smart choices and develop a way of thinking that helps them do well in their business.

Know yourself, Know your business

Strategy & Growth

In this workshop, people will look at important questions about their business path: What’s your business’s situation now? what do you want to achieve? And, what’s your plan to reach your targets? We’ll use a special guide to understand where your business stands today, find ways to grow, and make a plan to do well.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to make a special promise that shows why your business is different and better that others with lots of competition. We’ll look at the basic parts of this promise and why it’s really important for doing well in business. Find out how to create a promise that clearly tells customers the special benefits they get from your product or service.

Developing a value proposition

Introduction to Marketing

Would you like your marketing to be more effective at reaching customers who are more likely to be interested in buying and using your products and services? ‘Who is your audience or customer and where do you find them?’ will help you to plan and carry out marketing activities which are more appropriate and efficient, ensuring that you don’t waste time and money.

In this workshop, participants will discover what makes their business more valuable over time and what steps they can take to boost the worth of their business.

We will concentrate on important things that make a business more valuable, such as:


  • Making more money and managing finances better

  • Having a good chance to grow and expand

  • Not depending too much on any one thing

  • Keeping more money in the business instead of spending it all

  • Getting steady business from customers who come back again and again

  • Making sure customers are happy

  • Making the business less reliant on the owner so it can run on its own

Building Value in your business

Organic Search SEO

This course will help people learn how search engines work and why they’re important for getting more people to see your website. You’ ll find out how to attract visitors that keep coming back without having to pay for ads. We’ll look at the two main parts of SEO, which are making good content and setting up your website the right way. You’ll learn how to create content that search engines like and how to organise your website and use special codes, called tags, to help your website show up higher in search results.

This module is a practical activity that helps people work together better and get more involved by trying new things. You’ll find out how to make your team open to testing new ideas. Learn how to deal with changes, work well as things keep changing, and use trying new things as a way to keep making your team better.

Employee/ Team Management

How to get the people I need

This workshop is about figuring out who helps your business, like workers, freelancers, or employees, and if their job matches that title. We’ll look at different ways to set up jobs and see the good things about various ways to hire people.

You’ll learn about making jobs more flexible. We’ll talk about how to create jobs that fit different schedules and ways of working, which can make your team more flexible and ready to change.

Many business owners think their business is worth more than it really is and don’t realise how much work and time it takes to sell it. They also don’t plan for what they’ll do after the sale. This module will teach people how to make their small business more appealing to buyers and what they need to do to get their business ready to be sold.

Selling and Exiting your business

Employing People

This session will teach you important skills to help new employees start smoothly, deal with surprising actions, and talk through tough situations in a way that’s both legal and professional. You’ ll learn to set clear rules and steps to make sure the work relationship starts off well and follows the law.

Complimentary Essential skills

This course is designed to teach entrepreneurs a wide range of important skills they need to do well in business. It covers different topics to make sure they have all the tools they need to handle the tricky parts of running a business. The course also makes sure that entrepreneurs learn not just the technical parts of business, but also how to share their ideas well in different business situation.


Innovation within the business

This workshop is made to help people learn how to solve problems in their business or start making new things and finding new customers.


People who join will:

Take part in fun activities that help them think of solutions to problems

Use new ways of thinking to deal with real business situations.


AI in business

Learn about Artificial Intelligence in simple terms. We’ll show you how AI works using easy-to-understand examples for everyday life. You’ll see how AI is changing different kinds of jobs and business.

Feel free to ask questions and talk about your thoughts on AI. We’ll also discuss what AI means for people and the right and wrong ways to use it.


Accessing Funding

Learn about the different ways to get money for your business. This includes free money like grants, borrowing money through loans, or getting investors to give you money for share of your business.


Understand the good points and problems with each way, and which one is best depending on how new or old your business is.

Look closely at how borrowing money works and what it means for your business.

Find out about getting money from investors and what you need to do to make them want to invest in your business.


Paid media

Learn how to use paid ads on Google and Bing. Find out the best ways to choose the right words, write good ads, and use data to make smart choices.

Discover how to advertise on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Understand how to reach the right people, choose the best type of ads,  and make your ads better over time for the best results.


User Experience Design

Learn about designing things with the user in mind, which is key to making products or services that people find useful and enjoyable. It’s important to think about what users want and need.


This workshop will teach you more about focusing on the user when you make things, whether for customers of for your own team, and help you get better at making things that are easy and nice for people to use.


Telling stories with data

This is a workshop that teaches you the basics of how to show data in a clear and interesting way. You’ll learn how to choose the right data, create designs, build your data presentations, and check to make sure they work well. You’ll get to draw your own data charts, and the instructors will give you personal advice to improve them. We’ll also tell you about free programs and tools you can use to develop your data projects.

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