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Start-up stream

This course starts by teaching the basic ways of thinking needed for starting a business, like knowing yourself, coming up with ideas, and understanding what makes something valuable. Then, we move on to practical steps like how to start your business, create a website, and handle legal rules. Lastly, we teach you how to convince others to buy what you’re selling and how to grow your business by hiring more people.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

This workshops starts by looking into different aspects of being a business creator. Learn about different ways to see and understand what being a business creator really involves. Take part in interesting activities that will help you to discover your natural talents, what you love to do, and how comfortable you are with taking chances. Check how well you deal with uncertain situations, how creative you are, and how ready you are to start your own business adventure.

In this hands-on class, people will learn how to make a special message that tells customers why their company is different and better that others. They will learn the basics of this important message and why it’s a key for company to do well. Find out how to make a good message that shows the special benefits your product or service offers to customers.

Developing a value of the Proposition

Startup 101

Starting a business can be confusing, and many people who want to start one don’t know how to begin. This workshop will teach them what they need to do to start their own business. Attendees will learn how to choose their business area, make plan, and officially set up their business.

Would you like your marketing to be more effective at reaching customers who are more likely to be interested in buying and using your products and services? ‘Who is your audience or customer and where do you find them?’ will help you to plan and carry out marketing activities which are more appropriate and efficient, ensuring that you don’t waste time and money.

Introduction to Marketing

Business ideas and Assessment

Lear different ways to come up with creative business ideas by yourself or with others. Talk about your ideas with other people to make them better. Listen to different opinions to improve your ideas and make sure they fit with what customers want and what the market needs.

This helpful session is for business owners to learn about:

  • The basics of making a website look good and work well

  • How to compare two versions of webpage to see which one works better

  • How to get more visitors to do what you want on your website, like buying something or signing up

  • How to create a website that’s easy and enjoyable for people to use

Setting up a

Tax & Business Admin – the basics

This module teaches you all the basics of managing a business, including how to plan, keep track of money, handle taxes, and get the right insurance. Learn about different ways to set up the business, like being the only owner, working with partners, or creating a company with limited liability. Find out how to keep your financial records, straight and clear up the confusing parts of taxes and National Insurance.

This class shows that ‘sales’ isn’t a bad thing. A lot of people who run business don’t like selling, but they don’t realise that selling skills are used every day. We’ll make selling easier to understand in this class and give you what you need to get better at it and see it and see it as important part of doing well in business. This class is great for people who own business, people starting their own business, and anyone who wants to get better at selling in a new way.

to Sales

Engagement & Motivation, Pay & Reward

This workshop is about understanding why some people spend a lot of time on their hobbies and do really well, but don’t like to work as much, even of they get paid pretty well for it. We’ ll explore different reasons why people feel motivated to do things and figure out how to encourage them to work harder. We’ll also talk about how to decide on fair pay and rewards for work. Together, we’ll come up with good ideas to help solve the problems you might have at your job.

Complimentary Essential skills

This course is designed to teach entrepreneurs a wide range of important skills they need to do well in business. It covers different topics to make sure they have all the tools they need to handle the tricky parts of running a business. The course also makes sure that entrepreneurs learn not just the technical parts of business, but also how to share their ideas well in different business situation.


Innovation within the business

This workshop is made to help people learn how to solve problems in their business or start making new things and finding new customers.


People who join will:

Take part in fun activities that help them think of solutions to problems

Use new ways of thinking to deal with real business situations.


AI in business

Learn about Artificial Intelligence in simple terms. We’ll show you how AI works using easy-to-understand examples for everyday life. You’ll see how AI is changing different kinds of jobs and business.

Feel free to ask questions and talk about your thoughts on AI. We’ll also discuss what AI means for people and the right and wrong ways to use it.


Accessing Funding

Learn about the different ways to get money for your business. This includes free money like grants, borrowing money through loans, or getting investors to give you money for share of your business.


Understand the good points and problems with each way, and which one is best depending on how new or old your business is.

Look closely at how borrowing money works and what it means for your business.

Find out about getting money from investors and what you need to do to make them want to invest in your business.


Paid media

Learn how to use paid ads on Google and Bing. Find out the best ways to choose the right words, write good ads, and use data to make smart choices.

Discover how to advertise on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Understand how to reach the right people, choose the best type of ads,  and make your ads better over time for the best results.


User Experience Design

Learn about designing things with the user in mind, which is key to making products or services that people find useful and enjoyable. It’s important to think about what users want and need.


This workshop will teach you more about focusing on the user when you make things, whether for customers of for your own team, and help you get better at making things that are easy and nice for people to use.


Telling stories with data

This is a workshop that teaches you the basics of how to show data in a clear and interesting way. You’ll learn how to choose the right data, create designs, build your data presentations, and check to make sure they work well. You’ll get to draw your own data charts, and the instructors will give you personal advice to improve them. We’ll also tell you about free programs and tools you can use to develop your data projects.

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