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Making the Difference - Sasha Corbin

“It’s great to give back as I was lucky to have a-lot of opportunities as a young person growing up in Tottenham. Supporting women today to achieve their dreams is really special. ”

Sasha Corbin’s rise to fame has been incendiary, owing as much to her passion for life as for her popularity-winning back-flips in some of the greatest Netball successes of recent years.

She’s proud to be from Tottenham – where the Selby Centre played a key role in her sporting ambitions.

Playing for England’s Netball squad in 2011, Sasha was a driving force in England becoming the only nation to beat New Zealand at the Netball World Series – and last month she again starred as England beat world champions Australia three times in a row for the first time in history in a test series. As her career has been increasingly successful, and busy, she talks about how her most important role is one that gives back to the community.

As Haringey Netball’s Development Community Coach, she now works with women of all ages to develop local talents and help others have the same opportunities that she did.

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As we continue to recognise the importance of International Women’s day earlier this month, it’s fitting that we celebrate Sasha’s own journey from the Selby centre crèche where her mother worked as the Selby Centre Sport Development Manager. Sasha took part in Gymnastics, Ballet, Tennis, Swimming and Cricket organised by the centre, which is now home to new sporting groups including LASE youth.

Sasha began her early learning years at Excelsior College, located on- site and independently registered as a non-profit institution as part of the Selby Trust community in 1998. Today, the college offers many avenues for achieving through education by removing barriers to learning among local communities. Parents play a key role in the college’s decisions, affirming a close relationship with individuals and families in Tottenham.

Her teachers were key role models too, pushing her to enter the Middlesex Netball trials aged 15yrs - and she hasn’t looked back since:

“I did every sport you could imagine as a child; I was involved in all sorts of extra-curricular activities such as music, dance, drama and most sports. I was always encouraged to succeed and it helped develop the core skills for what I do today. It makes me incredibly proud to see all Women have the same opportunities today as I did.”

Whilst attending Excelsior College Sasha began learning Swahili and other languages, a reflection of Tottenham’s vibrant diversity. It’s a diversity that she welcomes today – proud of her Caribbean roots, she knows how important it is to represent diverse individuals from different backgrounds in sport. Her message for 2013 is to:

“Never give up – because you won’t know if you never try.”

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