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Selby Centre re-opens with phased return

Monday 6th July 2020, we will be re-opening the Selby Centre to the public following updated guidance by the government. It will be a phased return as some of our licensee organisations will continue operating remotely for a while.

We have carried out various safety measures to ensure that the Selby Centre runs efficiently, and we are ready to deal with any situation that may arise. Also, to help maintain social distancing we have introduced several measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for all at the Selby Centre.

Covid-19 is an ongoing situation that changing by the hour, so we are constantly monitoring the latest advice from the correct authorities; Public Health England, The World Health Organisation, The NHS, and all official announcements made by Parliament.

Here is how we are keeping you safe:

Face masks We encourage our staff and visitors to bring a suitable face mask or covering to wear during your visit to the Selby Centre.

Helping our visitors and staff practise social distancing ​As you might expect, we have clearly marked out areas where queues or gatherings might occur, helping everyone maintain a safe 2m distance from each other.

Hand sanitisers on site We have placed hand sanitiser across the site of the Selby Centre to ensure all staff and visitors can frequently sanitise their hands.

Confined areas closed Confined areas where it is not possible to observe social distancing will be closed to prevent any build-up of people.

Influencing flow of visitors inside We will introduce directional markings where necessary, creating signs to introduce a safe flow of movement inside and around the Selby Centre.

Limiting capacity Where and when necessary, we will limit the number of people coming into the Selby Centre to ensure we do not get too busy.

With the above in place, we hope you will have confidence that we are doing all we can to help keep you and the Selby Centre safe, and an enjoyable place to visit.

If you require help please see the phone lines below: 

  • Connected Communities (Haringey Council): 0208 489 4431

  • Homes for Haringey (for rent and repairs): 0208 489 5611

  • Citizen Advice (Haringey): 0300 330 1187

  • Mind (Haringey): 0208 340 2474

  • Solace Women's Aid (Domestic Violence): 0208 885 3557

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