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Selby Trust's Global Garden on BBC1

Published by: Locality News

Date: January 10th 2013 

The Selby Trust, with support from Locality, is using innovative crowd funding website Spacehive to raise money to create a community garden at its site in Tottenham, North London.

Crowd funding allows anyone to quickly and easily donate any amount, large or small, to support a project. The Selby Trust is one of the first Locality members to make use of this new technology.

They need to raise £11,500 to transform the Selby site into a thriving garden where the local community can grow, pick and cook its own fruit and vegetables.

The BBC filmed the start of Selby’s crowd funding process and the results will be broadcast on Monday evening. The programme will be aired in the London region only – but everyone outside London can watch it on the iplayer at a later date.

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