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Selby Urban Village: Launch of project website

Karakusevic Carson Architects and The means have launched a new website for the Selby Urban Village project in North London to share information, news and event details.

The project, which will see Karakusevic Carson and Haringey council working closely with the local community and users of the centre, is still in the early stages. The Selby Urban Village will deliver at least 200 new homes, with an expectation that at least half of these will be council homes at council rents.

There will be a new purpose-built Selby Centre community hub that will continue to deliver vital services and there are also proposals for new sports and recreation facilities in the adjacent Bull Lane playing fields.

The project seeks to optimise social, economic, environmental and financial value and social rented housing is a priority.

The website will be the central hub for any updates on the project, with regular news articles and events exploring the opportunities available for the community and centre users to get involved with the project and find out more.

The Selby Urban Village project website can be found at:

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