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We say thank you for a great year with our Community Organisers in Tottenham

It’s been a great year as the Selby Trust has worked with 5 Community Organisers from Locality to hear your views and help facilitate community projects in the nearby area - focussing on local needs and all by local people.

Hosted by the Selby Trust, Community Organisers Veronica Cheyne, Dorothy Osei, Amanda Neufville, Candace Cotton and David Kirkwood graduated yesterday after a year spent knocking on doors, speaking with local people and helping develop ways we can improve our communities by listening to and supporting local residents get some amazing projects off the ground.

Providing an opportunity for local people to get involved with their area and recognise the value in their ideas, they’ve reached more than 1700 of you to help build the confidence of local residents to start their own groups and have an impact on the neighbourhoods we all live and work in.

With their support, community members themselves are now running monthly community meetings and sessions to ‘listen’ to community needs, a youth club, drama workshops, an online space to bring anime lovers together, a salon business and house meetings where community members can learn and share cooking, pattern cutting and sewing skills.

All of these projects will now carry on helping local people connect and share their experiences  - not only do they help us as a community address the concerns we have in a way that allows us to grow but as our Community Organisers Graduate, they’ve proven that our community is an amazing place to be, full of passion and united to make Tottenham even better.

For more on our Community Organisers look out for Case Studies coming in the next few weeks with all the details and individual stories.

Check out our facebook page for everything else, including events and regular updates on our impact. Don't have time? We're on Twitter

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