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Our people
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Our Board of Trustees

We are governed by a Board of Trustees composed of 9 members. Click on each trustee name to find out more about them.

Paul Butler - Selby Trust CEO

Paul Butler took on the role of Selby Trust CEO in February 2019. 

Paul came into the Selby Trust as CEO, bringing important knowledge of the area, the political landscape, our local communities and relationships with many of our key stakeholders.  At the Selby Trust, we welcomed the established relationships he had formed with funders and key public agencies, and the hands-on experience of capacity building, change management, partnership development and governance that Paul brought proved crucial.

Paul has extensive experience of working within the community voluntary sector and has sat on cross-party working groups for inclusion and workforce development.  He currently sits on a range of boards within the community voluntary sector and served on ACAS Council.

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Our staff

Behlul Sulimani
Marketing & Engagement Officer

Paul Butler

Chief Executive

Below are our key contacts who work at the Selby Trust

Dexter Kelly
Duty Officer/Supervisor

Jack Skinner
Development manager

Juliet Debrah

Head of Finance & Reception Services

Lucy Mary Matthews

Sports Development Officer

Michael Mullings
Health & Safety Officer & Green
Wheels Co-ordinator

Moussa Amine-Sylla
Trainer- Community Organiser

Dr Purva Tavri 
Fundraising and Partnership Manager

Roni Chathanpally
Duty Officer/Supervisor

Roydon Chathanpally
Reception and Information Officer

Sally Sturgeon
Selby Food Hub Co-ordinator

Seema Chandwani
Project Co-ordinator

Suresh Kunhi Kannan
Facilities Coordinator

Tribute to Narenda Makanji


Narendra Makanji moved to Haringey in the late 1970s and became involved in the anti-racism movement combatting the National Front, which was strong within the borough.

In 1982 he became the Councillor for Noel Park, where he lived, one of only a handful of
BAME politicians in the council. In national politics Narendra would be remembered for the
work he had done in ensuring BAME representation in UK Parliament. As Chair of the Labour Party Black Sections, he was pivotal in securing the election of Bernie Grant, Diane Abbott,
Lord Boateng and Keith Vaz, the first BAME MPs to enter Parliament in 1987.


Narendra passionately supported the creation of the Selby Centre in 1986 and supported the development of the Selby Trust in 1992. He believed in the strength of Haringey’s diversity and understood the need for all cultures within the borough to have a space to grow and integrate as one community.


Narendra later joined the Trustee board, where he played an important role in its survival and development. Sadly, on 4th April this year Narendra passed away, leaving a huge void not only at the Selby Centre but in a range of community projects across the borough who benefited from his wisdom and the gift of his time. He is deeply missed.


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