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Whether you have some time to spend in our locla area after visiting us, are local and are thinking of somewhere to visit or just want to explore Tottenham, we've collated a list of some things to do in Tottenham.


Visit Global Garden at Selby Centre

At the Global Garden at Selby Centre, there's a lot of space to relax in our Global Garden. There are lots of different vegetables and flowers grown year-round, ranging from a pear tree to lavender. 

Find out more about Global Garden at Selby Centre and more on the sub-section to Global Garden on our website.


Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium

Tottenham is home to the world-famous Tottenham Hotspur. Having recently moved into their new home following the completion of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the new stadium dominates the skyline of North Tottenham, and is bustling with activity on a normal match day. There's plenty to do here - whether it's taking up a stadium tour, visiting the new skywalk experience, or even just simply snapping a few photos and selfie in front of the impressive new ground. 

You can find out more over on the Tottenham Hotspur website (external link).


Tottenham walks

In Tottenham, we are lucky to have many walking routes to take pride in. These include the path along the River Lea, where there's plenty for all to do and take in as you take a stroll along the river filled with barges. 

If you're feeling up to a longer walk, Lee Valley (external link) have published a link of walking routes and options for you to take up should you wish.


Tottenham Parks

All across Tottenham, our local community is home to many parks. From Bruce Castle Park in the north, to Markfield Park in the south of Tottenham, we've collated a useful list of parks and modes of transport to get there, to help you enjoy some much deserved recreational and relaxation time right on your doorstep! 


Bruce Grove

Bruce Grove and Tottenham High Road are at the heart of our local community in Tottenham. There are plenty of local shops and amenities here for us all - from bakeries to banks, grocery stores to butchers and places of worship, Bruce Grove forms a vibrant part of our local community, and is easily accessible by transport. 


Seven Sisters Latin Village

For decades the Seven Sisters Latin Village has provided a thriving marketplace for working-class ethnic minority immigrant communities and businesses. It hosts the second-largest Latino community in the UK and is a thriving community hub.


Tottenham Hale

Tottenham Hale is to the extreme east of Tottenham, and close by to the Tottenham Marshes, proving as the great starting point on a day to explore our local area. There are many shops in the local Tottenham Hale retail park (external link) for the community and visitors to our area, as well as a great number of transport routes that take you to this hub.

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Tottenham Green Market

Tottenham Green Market is a local event that celebrates the diverse range of Street Food, drink, crafts & vintage from the local area and beyond. Find out more about the Tottenham Green market right at the heart of Tottenham on their official website (external link)


Holcombe Road Market

The Holcombe Market is nestled within the heart of Tottenham, opposite to Bruce Grove Station along the Tottenham High Road.

Originally established over 100 years ago, this historic market site was relaunched by the same family in 2016, and is now a thriving hub of authentic food and culture. Find out more about the market and stalls over on their official website (external link).


Bernie Grant Arts Centre

The Bernie Grant Arts Centre is a £15 million purpose-built multi-arts centre, which includes a 274-seat auditorium, studio/rehearsal space, café/bar, enterprise centre and open space, named after the late local MP for Tottenham Bernie Grant.

Find out more about the Bernie Grants Art Centre over on their official website (external link).