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Useful gardening resources
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The Global Garden at Selby Centre community garden brings a wide range of benefits for our people and local community – from connecting members of our community with each other, to growing fresh food to enjoy and volunteering opportunities.

This directory pulls together local contacts, organisations, and resources that should be useful for gardeners and food growers in Tottenham and beyond. Whether you are looking for places to visits, volunteering and training opportunities, garden suppliers, information about food growing in the community and schools, or sources of funding, we hope this page will help you find what you need.

The gardening team at Selby Trust aims to update this Resources Directory regularly. Please do let us know of other local resources that should be on this list by getting in touch.

All links on this page are to third party websites. Please refer to their cookie, privacy, and accessibility policies if you have any concerns when visiting their websites.

Allotment gardening is an enjoyable hobby everyone can participate in, and is also very good at helping improve exercise. To discover available allotment space in Haringey, please visit:

If you are from outside the borough, please visit the Government website on allotment space:

Allotment space

The BBC have complied a selection of various tips, snippets of information and activities relating to gardening to help engage with children. You can find out more here:

Gardening for children

It is useful to know about how different plants have different needs, many needing to be catered for differently for the best end result. To discover more, visit the RHS website:

Gardening - tips

Organic growing

If you are interested in taking up Organic growing, or require any information on organic growing, visit their website:


Recycling forms an important part of helping out bio-diversity and the local eco-system. At Selby, we believe strongly in recycling. Recycling not only reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, but also conserves natural resources which are becoming extremely limited. To discover more about recycling and how to get involved locally, please visit the Haringey Council website:

Vegetable growing

For specific information on vegetable growing, the Allotments and Garden website has compiled useful information and tips on growing crops. Visit their website:

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