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At the Selby Centre, we are incredibly lucky to have several green spaces on site. We’re committed to providing local residents with greenery and flowers, educate the youth and community on the health benefits of gardening, and encourage people to grow and cook your own food – all helping to provide skills to boost employment. 

We have dedicated garden space at the back of the centre, known as Global Garden, and around the entrance to the front of the main building. All areas are carefully planned and nurtured to maximise their growing potential throughout the year.   

About Global Garden

Lead by Dexter Kelly, the Global Garden, Global Kitchen vision was to transform the former-school grounds into a culturally diverse food growing area with plans for a learning-kitchen. The Global Garden space opened in 2013, following a successful round of crowdfunding with the catchy slogan, ‘Do it for Dexter, do it for Tottenham’, with local people and businesses backing the project with £11,500 to progress Global Garden, Global Kitchen.

For Dexter, the initial challenge was searching for a space viable to set up the impressive project. After approaching several organisations Dexter was finally granted permission to use space at the front and back of the Selby building. The vision was coming into focus.

As a renowned and respected member of the local community The Do it for Dexter, Do it for Tottenham vision rallied support for Global Garden, Global Kitchen. Using social media, special networking and auction events and with the help of the local community, schools and partner organisations, businesses and residents support for the vision grew.

Selby Centre volunteer-programmes supplied the labour and skills needed to shape the front and back areas. Carpenters crafted raised beds from donated offcuts of wood. Volunteers positioned the raised beds and grafted to fill the vast vats. More helpers mixed EcoPark Compost to add structure and nutrients into the soggy clay soil.

More EcoPark Compost was spread as mulch around newly constructed flower beds. All the while funds were raised to complete the project. In fact, the £11,500 was raised within 12 months.

It is intended to encourage community engagement, the development of practical skills and central to the plan, create an inclusive green focused growing space. The project has encouraged pride in the area, bringing people together to volunteer, learn, grow and cook.


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