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About venue hire


About venue hire

At the Selby Trust, we have years of experience in hosting all types of functions at the Centre. These have ranged from large gatherings of receptions, parties, conferences and corporate events, to smaller functions from Sports Hall, small parties and functions, meeting room facilities and classroom facilities.


In this section, prices are broken down for the venue of your choice, with expert advice into how to make the most out of your event or function at the Selby Centre with our unique venue setting. 


Due to current guidelines online bookings are closed. Please call reception 0208 885 5499 or email at for any further information.




Room 1

Find out more about Room 1 at the Selby Centre.

Room 2

Find out more about Room 2 at the Selby Centre.


Room 3

Find out more about Room 3 at the Selby Centre.


Other venue spaces


Sports Hall

Find out more about our Sports Hall, which has been recently renovated following improvement works

Lobby Exhibition Space

Find out more about the lobby exhibition space we have available in the centre, where more than 500+ people pass through on the average day!

Colorful Balloons

Social functions &
small parties

Find out more about social functions and small parties at the Selby Centre


Outdoor spaces (coming soon)


Outdoor spaces

New outdoor spaces for hire areas coming soon!

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Other functions & spaces to hire

Banqueting Suite.jpg

Main Hall

Find out more information on how to book the main hall (externally managed)

Film & photoshoots

Find out more about films and photoshoot opportunities at the Selby Centre (Externally managed)


Childrens parties

Find out about the spaces to hire for childrens parties through Ding Dong Fun Bus!