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What we do
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What we do

At the Selby Trust we manage community facilities such as the Selby Centre which brings together a rich mix of individuals and organisations, primarily from BME, refugee and other historically excluded communities in Tottenham, Haringey, North London and beyond. The Selby Trust has helped deliver valuable resources to the local community for many years, and looks to continue to help the community in innovative ways as we respond to the latest challenges within society.

Our services

At the Selby Centre, there are five services that we manage. These are:

within society.

Community development

Community economic development

Community environmental development

Social justice & community safety

Community facilities management

Selby Trust philosophy

The community are at the heart of this organisation. Therefore, our philosophy below is built around how we can best serve the people that we cater for:

  • To increase the capacity and sustainability of historically excluded groups in the diverse communities served

  • To promote and support, directly and through networking, a range of opportunities to enable all communities to achieve economic, social and cultural growth

  • To be a key player in community and economic development through partnership working at all levels – locally, London-wide, nationally and internationally.

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