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We are taking several steps to lower our carbon footprint through: 

Theater Lights

Wasting less electricity

By using energy saving lightbulbs and reducing energy usage, we are committed to wasting as little electricity at the Selby Centre as possible.


Using less gas and water

By reducing the water and gas usage at the Selby Centre, not only are we able to save a lot of energy and sustain valuable resources, but also benefit the amount of money required for pumping, treating and supplying these resources.


Encourage less vehicles on the road

We strongly believe where necessary, it's better to walk or use public transport to limit the effect on polution cars have. Therefore we strongly discourage the use of cars where possible.


Encourage cycling

Cycling has a lot of benefits! We also strongly believe cycling is a great way of getting from A to B. At the Selby Centre, we've insalled safe and secure cycle parking facilities


Keeping our environment healthy

We can always do with a helping hand, and when we do, we ensure that the local surroundings are also clean and healthy for us all to use. A healthy local environment for our community to enjoy is important to us and the community we serve.

Recycling Bottles


At the Selby Trust, we believe strongly in recycling. This helps to sustain valuable resources for future generations and benefits the bio-diversity, helping both locally and nationally. Recently, as part of our Sports Hall Redevelopment Project, we recycled our old flooring so it could be re-used in other purposes elsewhere.

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