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'' Really easy to organise. A few emails exchanged and it was done! The day was very well organised, the team were professional, welcoming and really passionate about their community centre. I highly recommend this charity for anyone planning a volunteering day”''


Jake, AOL

About corporate volunteering

We fully manage the Selby Centre facility and by doing so we are able to keep therents below market-rate value to enable small charities and voluntary organisations to survive.


However, managing such a huge site is not cheap and therefore the help we get from corporates for painting, gardening, maintenance and helping us with some building projects means we do not have to increase the rents of charities to pay directly for this work.

We therefore run several volunteering opportunities for corporate organisations, and we have plenty of experience in doing so, helping tailor to the needs of your company. 

Benefits of corporate volunteering


We have a huge community centre with a wide range of activities meaning we can find activities that suit your team and we will never run out of items on the day

Our community centre is home to 40+ independent charities/small voluntary organisations working with a range of people in need.

We have welcomed employee volunteers for over 4 years so have the knowledge, capacity, experience and skills. 

We charge a flat rate per a group rather than per a person

We charge for material costs separately meaning you pay the same cost for the materials as we purchase them, rather than a per-head cost

Current corporate volunteering opportunities


Big Clean Up Days

Suitable for: Small or large groups

Materials Cost: Based on 15 people - £75 (sponges, soap, buckets, brushes etc)


Our community centre is a former secondary school so is huge. The tasks range from window cleaning (not above ground floor), lift cleaning, skirting boards, under the staircases, clearing out old storerooms, grafitti removal, minor repairs etc.


Fill a skip day

Suitable for: Large Groups - 20 plus

Materials Cost: Based on 50 people - £700 (£14 per head) (Skip Hire, Gloves)


Do you love smashing things up?

This is a great team building day as the group need to work on each other's strengths and build a chain of how to get rubbish from different parts of the site to the skip.

This will need some to do the lifting, some to do the filling of skip and some to get people in order (i.e. starting with flat/solid objects first or making sure that the 2-3 trolleys are used efficiently. And of course, sometimes it's better to smash things so they take up less room in the skip and that can be a lot fun!

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Gardening (Global Garden)

Suitable for: Small and Large Groups

Materials Cost: Based on 20 people - £100 (we operate a tool replenishing system so each group pays £100 to replenishing the tool stock). If you specifically wanted to plant items, then we can discuss the cost of plants. 


The Selby Centre is lucky to have huge grounds, some of which are used as garden for staff and visitors, bits which are used for a community veg growing space. There is a lot to do and can include creating more veg plots, deweeding, clearing overgrown shrubs, replanting the flower beds. We can be more specific when you give us suggested dates as this activity is seasonal.


Internal & External painting

Suitable for: Small or large groups

Materials Cost: Based on 20 people - £250 (this could differ depending on what you're painting - for example fence paint is cheaper than external metal paint).


The Selby Centre is a former secondary school building, so is absolutely huge. We have miles of corridors and skirting boards, we have hundreds of doors, door frames, window frames and a lot of rooms. Outside we have fences, windows, decking, garden furniture, railing, external doors and loads of other items. 

Corporate volunteering gallery

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Corporate volunteering FAQs

We get a lot of commonly asked questions asked of our corporate volunteering opportunities. As a result, we've grouped many of these together to hopefully help give you some guidance and important information!


Corporate volunteering supporters

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