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Selby Community Enterprise Professional Support
The Selby Centre is a centre of excellence for collaborative charity and social businesses working together to create community wealth and support.
The Selby Trust has secured a large Government Grant to provide business to business support including a suite of free training courses and free management consultancy for local business owners and managers.

Support includes Marketing, Social Media Optimisation, Web Site Development, AI tools, Employment Law, Restructuring, Product Development, Charity and Social Enterprise Structures, Governance, Raising Finance and Bid Writing.

If you register and attend at least 70% of the workshops per stream, you will receive a certificate of completion from Kingston University Business School.

The advice will be delivered via our partners including Kingston University Business School and Locality UK. 
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SME Stream

This course helps small and medium-sized business owners use what they love about their business to build a strong plan that will help their business grow and stand out.
We will show how to use this unique quality to attract more customers and build a team that works well with the business goals. Finally, we advise business owners on planning ahead.

Start up Stream

This course starts by teaching the basic ways of thinking needed for starting a business, like knowing yourself, coming up with ideas, and understanding what makes something valuable. Then, we move on to practical steps like how to start your business, create a website, and handle legal rules. Lastly, we teach you how to convince others to buy what you’re selling and how to grow your business by hiring more people.

As participants on the programme, you'll get the opportunity to join our network and benefit from:
  • Meet the Buyer Events
  • Early Notification of Public Procurement Contracts
  • Selby Awards Ceremony
  • Speed dating - Local Businesses
  • Notification of Small Business Development Grants from Selby Trust
  • Focus Groups – free access to representative people on sounding boards for business development ideas. 

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