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Garden Hire

Are you looking for a large, flexible outdoor space to host a event for up to 100 people? Then you are in the right place! Our Global Garden space can be used for a large-scale exhibition, conference, large meeting, private function, reception, etc.

Seating Layouts

We have many room layouts we can make available for your event/function. Below are an example of some we offer. As part of your booking, let us know what layout you fancy, and we'll do the rest.



Theatre style




Price for all bookings

£95 per hour


Terms and conditions

Capacity: Up to 100 people

Catering available from Ding Dong cafe - find out more here

Free Wi-Fi available

Additional extras

  • All Chairs and Tables are included in the rental price.

  • Data Projector Hire: £5 per session

  • Data Projector and Laptop Hire: £10 per session

  • Tea Urn Hire: £5 per session

Our Global Garden is available to hire, between 9am and 9pm, Monday to Friday, and available between 9am and 9pm on weekends. Availability might be limited over public holidays and the festive period.

Hire your space today!

Skedda SC.png

You can book your space using the above calendar. Alternatively, you can visit our booking system and register an account if you are a new user.

For any queries regarding pod hire, please email

Please see our terms and conditions for any restrictions to our garden.

School visits

Planning a school trip to our Global Garden couldn't be simpler, after all – we do all the hard work for you!

The Selby Centre and Global Garden offers a number of facilities for school visits, including:

  • Education/lunchroom (Subject to availability)

  • Good access to toilet facilities

  • Good access to prayer facilities

  • Onsite Ding Dong Fun Bus Restaurant to buy refreshments during breaks/lunchtime (to see up to date opening time information for the restaurant, please go here ahead of your visit).

Global Gardens including a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and flowers, a small playground and outdoor seating space amongst the diversity of wildlife.

School visits are currently available between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Fridays (excluding public holidays).


Our pricing for schools is as follows (per students).

Schools can bring as many teachers as they may require. Please note these prices also cover both pods for hire during your time.


School price (self-guided)

£30 per hour


School price
(Inc cost of tour from our staff)

£42 per hour

We do not have any inside space for groups to have lunch or congregate. Our Class Rooms are available from £15.50. Toilet facilities are located close by to each of our class rooms as well as the garden. Capacity for these rooms varies between 30 - 80 children maximum. Please visit our venue hire section if you require more information on these rooms and facilities.

Useful Information ahead of your visit

Risk Assessment

We’ve put together a comprehensive risk assessment, so you don’t have to! Please contact us at for further information.


  • Can we apply for staffing?
    No. The Tottenham Youth Fund is for equipment or one off trips. The maximum level young people can apply for is £250 and would not cover staff salary.
  • Can schools apply?
    No. Only young people between 11 - 19 years old can apply. Organisations and institutions cannot apply. Young people from your organisation and institutions can apply, including schools. However for schools the application must be for activities that are not during school hours or as part of the curriculum. It can be for an after-school activity like a Football programme.
  • Our organisation is based in another borough, but we deliver in Tottenham - can our young people apply?"
    Yes. It would be helpful if you made that clear in the application form to avoid delays. For example, our project is delivering at Chestnuts Community Centre and this is bid is specifically for this project.
  • Our project is a private organisation, can young from our organisation apply?"
    This is dependent on the type of organisation you are, if it is a profit making company then we will not accept the application. We will also not accept applications where there is not at least two bank signatories or where the equipment is being used to generate profit which is not being reinvested back into the project. For example: If young people apply for catering equipment for their tuck-shop and all profits go back into running the project or service, then we will accept the application. However if your young people apply for catering equipment for a private profit making cafe based at your building, then we will not accept the application.
  • We are young people who do not belong to a youth project or organisation, we want to apply to help us start something - can we do that?"
    The Tottenham Youth Fund love it when young people want to do things for themselves. Sadly, when it comes down to money, we have to make there are some rules in place. You will need to ask an organisation to help you. Remember, whatever you do will need other things like insurance or health and safety in place. There are a lot of youth organisations which will help you take care of all the boring bits so you can do what you want to do.
  • Do you fund religious or political activity?
    We do not fund religious activity - however young people applying from churches, mosques, synagogues etc are not excluded from applying, as long as the activity is not religious in nature. We do not fund party political activity - however we are happy to accept (and encourage) applications from young people who are campaigning on a social cause (i.e.. votes at 16 or period poverty) or civil responsibility projects (i.e.. UK Youth Parliament, Youth Councils etc.). So for example, if an application comes in for tee-shirts and leaflets to help highlight a campaign against gang crime, we will accept it. If an application came from the Labour Party or Lib Democrats to for leaflets for young people to join a party, we won't accept it.
  • We need the money before your deadline, can you decide on ours early?"
    Sorry, no we can't the Decision Committee only meets 4 times a year. We also feel it's unfair if people get a decision early and then there are no funds for those who apply in time for the deadlines.
  • Why would you reject our application?
    The main reason will probably be that we do not have enough money for everyone. But there could be other reasons (some of them answered above). We will explain why when we respond. We won't reject an application based on spelling, grammar or because we other people wrote more or less. As long as you are clear about your idea, what you want and what it's for, then that's all we ask for.
  • Who is on the Decision Committee?
    Councillor Seema Chandwani, David Lammy MP and Dr Victor Olisa QPM Councillor Seema Chandwani is a local Councillor for West Green ward in Tottenham. David Lammy is the Member of Parliament for Tottenham. Dr Victor Olisa QPM used to be the Police Borough Commander for Haringey and is now a Trustee at the Selby Trust.
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