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Community economic development
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The Selby Trust aims to assist people from diverse backgrounds with different needs to acquire the skills, confidence, networks and knowledge necessary for them to develop solutions to life’s challenges. We aim to achieve sustainability through social enterprise approach that provides revenue for the centre, allows us to incubate and develop other enterprises, foster their financial independence and supports the delivery of activities that promote growth in the local economy.

• The Selby Trust is a multi-purpose community asset, in which the underlying economic inequalities are often addressed through a wide range of key actions and opportunities available through our work and onsite.

• We organise networking and information workshops, drawing community businesses, social enterprises and community groups together to benefit from new knowledge.

• The Selby Trust continues to maintain and develop The Selby Centre as a social and community enterprise hub that enables community resilience by supporting communities to positively respond to economic, social and environmental challenges.

• Financial security is hard to achieve at the best of times and is certainly challenging in the persistent worst of times. Much economic capital emerges out of the social and community capital for Tottenham, generated here at our social action hub opportunities.

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