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Managed by Selby Trust, funded by the Mayor of London (GLA).

Purpose or aim

The GLA have commissioned us to work with youth organisations in Haringey and Enfield. The HEY Network (Haringey and Enfield Youth Network) will provide training, support, networking opportunities and capacity building to organisations achieving activities in either or both boroughs, including those not funded via Young Londoners Fund.

Project description

HEY Network has been set up to:

  • Support organisations that were successful in obtaining the Young Londoners Fund (YLF) round 1.

  • Support organisations who wish to apply for the Young Londoners Fund (YLF) round 2.

  • Provide general support to organisations working with young people in Enfield and Haringey.

Project outcome

Support comes in various ways and includes:

  • Information on funding

  • Training

  • Practical support with funding bids

  • Access to resources

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