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Case studies - Last Man Standing
Part A, Last Man Standing
Part B Last Man Standing
Part C, Last Man Standing
Part D, Last Man Standing

''LMS was completed in December 2020, A unique project that identified collected and recorded the songs TravellerCommunity in the UK; a cultural phenomenon hitherto unrecognised and neglected in the wider arts and cultural world.

In the course of the project we learned that the scope and depth of what exists within the Traveller tradition is far greater than first anticipated.

As storytelling is also a major part of the travelling community.It is on this basis that we wish to develop along with current partnerships the next phase; this will include storytelling and associated songs and explore, document and record the relationship between them. Working title is Travellers’ Tales, with a view to begin in 2021.


The potential for combining storytelling and associated songs is an exciting creative challenge, with the added dimension of being developed with the Travelling community and spread more widely by digital media.

Go to for more information.''

Thomas McCarthy
Traveller and Storyteller Last Man Standing

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