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Community organisers at Selby Trust have joined forces with Macmillan Cancer support.

Purpose or aim

The pilot project aims to help people in the community through building new skills, and raising awareness of cancer support services needed in the borough. Volunteers will also be trained in carrying out eHNAs at the Selby Centre.

Project description

Recruiting volunteers across Haringey, in particular volunteers with shared cancer experience , i.e. living with people with cancer. Following the recruitment of volunteers, training will be provided. Further to this, Macmillan will run a weekly drop in at the Selby Centre whereby any patients who are local patients can pop in to share stories and chat with trained volunteers.

Project outcome

In partnership with Macmillan Cancer, this pilot project will test the concept of a dedicated space where social and community activities blend; creating simple and obstructive access point to support patients to make healthier lifestyle choices, and reduce health inequalities by helping people to make changes.

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For more information and knowhow on support centres with Macmillan Cancer Support, visit:

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