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Selby Food Hub

About Selby Food Hub

The Selby Trust is keeping it's doors open to deliver the Selby Food Hub. 

Normal opening hours and information:

  • Opening Times: Tuesday 2pm - 4pm , Thursday 1.30pm - 3.30pm 

  • Venue: Reception, Selby Centre, Selby Road Tottenham London N17 8JL 

We accept anyone who feels they need help. You do not need a voucher. 

Several of our dedicated Champions and staff and volunteers from the Selby Centre Food Hub have been trained to identify signs of domestic abuse, know what to do if someone tells them they are being abused, and know what steps to take to link survivors to specialist Domestic Abuse support in the borough.

You are not alone. In offering a safe space, the Selby Centre Food Hub is keeping its doors open on Tuesdays (2pm – 4pm), and Thursdays (1.30pm – 3.30pm). Please reach out.



Find out how else you can support the Selby Food Hub to provide vital support

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Find out which items we currently need urgent stock with via our Amazon wishlist!

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Give once or give monthly to the Selby Food Hub via a Bankuet Donation!

Join us

Find out about how you can make a direct contribution to the Selby Food Hub and other volunteering opportunities! 

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