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Social justice & community safety
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Our community workers are experts at bringing together individuals and grassroots partnerships and consortia in a rich mix of cutting edge services that challenge poverty, injustice and inequality. We have a specialist youth community worker in the area. We are achieving sustainability through incubating social enterprises that promote growth in the local economy whilst serving social and environmental functions. We are identifying and maximising community assets by harnessing skills, enthusiasm and commitment of local residents.


• We train people in community organising, believing it to be a strong tool and skillset in building cohesion and togetherness in a divided and unequal society.

• We bring communities together by co-locating over 130+ social action organisations in active use of community premises, attracting co-produced services, job programmes, training and other opportunities.

• Diverse staff and volunteers facilitate projects in an inclusive and collective manner whilst cherishing different languages, celebrating food and cultures and helping engagement with the people in the community.

• Awareness raising and discussion events tend to be well attended, drawing people out of social isolation, into the heart of debates and increasing involvement in civic society, holding institutions and politicians to account, and raising awareness of services, consultations, and opportunities.

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