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Sports Hall Redevelopment
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Purpose or aim

The project was started in June 2020 are for refurbishing the sporting facilities at the Selby Centre to increase its usage.

Project description

The Selby Centre sports hall forms part of the Borough’s Physical Activity and Sport Strategy (PASS). Upgrading the sporting facilities and attracting a more diverse audience will contribute to achieving the PASS vision to become one of the most physically active boroughs in London.  

The sporting facilities at the Selby Centre need an urgent upgrade. This is owing to the following reasons:

  • To increase its usage; 

  • To attract female users and; 

  • To improve the standards for having access to the facilities for changing and shower to nearby playing fields such as Bull Lane Playing Fields where the council is installing new football pitches. 

Project outcome

The upgrade will enable increasing the reach via existing users: 20 groups, Selby Sports advisory group, Selby Centre users, nearby playing fields users and larger community in Haringey.

Find out more about the project

You can visit the Sports Hall Redevelopment page with loads of images on the project, and highlights of the improvement works. Alternatively, to make a booking at the Sports Hall, you can do so by visiting the Sports Hall booking page.

Project gallery

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