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Sports Hall redevelopment
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Improved disability access 

How: Improved toilet facilities, automatic door, guiderail

Access for disabled guests and visitors to the Sports Hall has improved. We have installed dedicated car parking spaces outside the Sports Hall, and this helps to make the hall as welcoming as possible with these priority spaces.

We have also installed automatic doors and improved toilet facilities to ensure we are accessible for all guests.


New lighting installed in Hall

How: New light fittings and bulbs installed

Across the Sports Hall, lighting has been improved. The new lights help breathe new life into the Hall and illuminate the artwork on our Sports Hall walls. Many of the previous light fittings were deamed poor and surplus to requirements, and therefore needed to be improved, providing better value and visibility across the hall.


New showers installed

How: New pipe-work and wash facilities, including improved privacy with cubicles.

The addition of cubicles in both the male and female changing rooms proves a welcome addition to the Sports Hall changing rooms. They provide the benefits of giving users a stronger sense of privacy. These improvements have been made alongside new pipework and fittings in the bathrooms at the Sports Hall, a vast improvement on the previous shower facilities!


Locker facilities upgraded

How: Safe and secure locker facilities added to the changing rooms

New lockers have been added to both the male and female changing rooms. These are safe and secure with the master key, and allow for possessions to be stored safely and securely. In addition to this, the new benches in the Sports Hall have the benefit of having under bench storage for sporting equipment or any personal clothing, etc. This is a major upgrade to facilities that had previously not existed.


Improvements to toilets

How: New toilets, cubicles and light in environment

The toilets are a key improvement as part of the new Sports Hall project. All toilets have new doors to their seperate areas, and in addition in the changing rooms, toilets are not the only thing that are new in this remit.

There has been improvements made, meaning we have installed new cubicles in changing room toilets. Further to this, lighting in the toilets has been improved to give the environment a more light feeling, and further improvements have been made to the disablied toilets, and the addition of a new toilet in the hall outside the Sports Hall, designated to popping in, during a Sports activity, and for children!


New flooring

How: New flooring installed at the Sports Hall corridor and changing facilities

The new toilets, changing rooms and corridors are pathed with new and improved flooring. As part of the improvement work, existing flooring was replaced, and this eventually was recycled, in line with our sustainability visions for Selby Trust.

Artwork in the
Sports Hall


With thanks to Sports England for funding, and thanks to Crown Work Spaces for completing the work over Summer 2020

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