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Jonathan, Senior Coach,
Big Time Basketball, HBA


Big time basketball is using basketball to empower the community and using it as a tool to captivate and engage with the young people through basketball.

The TIF funding via the Selby Trust allows us to increase the number of sessions we can offer in both online and face-to-face. There has been lot of enthusiasm in the online sessions and the face-to-face sessions at Selby Centre.

Through COVID-19 and the damage this has done, it has been useful for young people whose normal routine has been ruined to have regular classes and sessions they can go to.

Importantly, Young people are taking time away from the social pressures that have been caused by COVID-19 as we are providing them with an opportunity through the sport. For us coaches, it’s great as the coach had clubs to go to and meet, socialise and have a routine we could focus around.

Online we offered drills that you can do at home and focusing on skills such as ball handling and workouts with the balls, and fitness using the basketball, being mindful of the spaces at home to keep people engaged, bouncing, hand and eye co-ordination with basketball and the fundamentals of the sports in order to play basketball as a great base for fitness. This was suitable for those of all abilities including learners, and even emphasised on dribbling. Using basketball as for fitness.

The funding that went towards sessions was a great relief to the community in overcoming the challenges set about by covid-19 and the disparities in society. Gyms are so expensive but our classes are accessible to the lowest earners in society/community and able to focus on those who need help the most, in a different way to Food Hub that takes place at the Selby Centre.

Keeping fit, healthy and staying active is so important to keeping well and focusing on maintaining good wellbeing.

Parents appreciated the sessions for children, as it also helped the parents get back to their routine after the lockdown which strained parenting and educational resources. We also make sure the members and community have fun with the sessions.

Hesketh, Master Head Coach,
Big Time Basketball, HBA


The funding from sport England has been great over the year in helping. Especially working with different sports projects within the Selby sports advisory group... especially during COVID-19.

As an old boy I've been getting more familiar with my IT skills. The Selby Trust has given great assistance when promoting and marketing and also with the admin, also when doing end-of-month returns. We register attendance and create application forms for players, also sending out references for young people. HBA have been developing zoom sessions and now have a presence on different platforms, especially YouTube.

Sport England has bought together six different sporting disciplines, helping out in various parts of the project sharing ideas and inspiration.

Normally this would not happen for me, some of sports normally work in isolation from the other sports. The Sport England TIF has helped HBA develop this year, this has made me and my organisation step up, we have now become a “CIC” Community interest company, it will definitely help in seeking out funding. We have a great collaboration, which we have done in co-operation with Haringey Sports Development Trust Ltd. It has also inspired us to revamp the whole Basketball program in Haringey including coach development, team development and employment.

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