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Friendship Global is hosting the Special World Friendship Day at Selby Centre

It will be an opportunity to acknowledge history with those that made it at this intergenerational event and will serve for encouraging friendship, peace and understanding in the community.

Friendship Global and the Selby Trust in collaboration with Wood Works Wonders, Global Garden, Global Kitchen, Nepalese British Gurkha Veterans Foundation and Woodland Tree Trust are holding the Special World Friendship Day to commemorate the 100th year after the outbreak of the First World War. It is also the bicentenary of the Friendship Treaty between Nepal and the United Kingdom and the celebration will be held on Tuesday 29th April from 12:00 to 4:00 pm at the Selby Centre in Tottenham.

The Nepalese British Gurkha Veterans Foundation will be attending and we will be honouring their special contribution defending freedom, peace and friendship in wars and conflicts by launching a special Friendship Memorial. At the same time, this celebration will serve to bring common friendship, peace, harmony and conflict resolution agendas we all share at community level together through the celebration of The Friendship Bench made by young people and planting of The Friendship Tree.

We anticipate in the future being able to offer a space in schools and other places to enable conflict resolution at grass roots level. Fifteen of our schools and Alexandra Palace in Haringey have already successfully received and been promoting Friendship Benches and Friendship Trees in collaboration with Haringey Council and beyond in Ealing, Reading, Bristol and Kathmandu in Nepal. Moreover, given that Haringey has been home to a wide range of peoples from around the world, we will share food from around, a poetry reading from young children on the subject of friendship and resolving conflicts, live performances from local steel bands, artistes and groups, etc.

Children and young people from local schools and their parents will be invited to share with us their thoughts by means of short essays, poems, songs and art and crafts about peace, friendship, friends and family.

The Selby Centre has been home to a large number of diverse cultures for 21 years and is hoping to hold this special World Friendship Day by involving local groups, borough representatives, local environmental groups and volunteers of all ages from a wide range of backgrounds.

To confirm your interest in attending the event and getting involved, please confirm here:

For further information about the programme and timings:

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