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Selby Trust Celebrates End to 2012 and Start of New Year

The Selby Trust is celebrating the end of a dynamic year in 2012 with our friends and partners in Tottenham and North London thanks to some fantastic support and great new initiatives. As always we would like to take the time to thank our Trustees and Licencees on site and who hire our facilities, without whom our work would not be possible.

We're looking forward to a productive 2013 with each of you making our impacts in our communities proof of making Tottenham an even better place to live and work.

Following a great attendance to the Selby festive party at the end of 2012, we recognise just how far we've come since the start of the last year and look at some of the themes we will be tackling in 2013 as we come back fresh and ready for the challenges ahead. We've developed new projects, encouraged even better awareness of our work and are moving forward with a new focus on clarifying our commitment as part of local communities. We're doing this with a dedicated approach to measuring our impact and areas for improvement effectively with partners Locality - taking each of our activities and relationships in turn to see how we are benefiting local people, supporting jobs and growing over time.

In December we were awarded the Social Enterprise Mark. This recognises the Selby Trust as providers of responsible, green and socially rewarding servcies and support driven by fairness and inclusion. Better still, we are fully embracing new ways of communicating with you online, offering up to date information on our projects and local opportunities as well as becoming a key part of the Salesforce Non-Profit User Group.

It's also an exciting time as we are raising funds in new ways with partners Spacehive for the third addition to our Green Hub - a Global Garden, Global Kitchen that will transform the landscape at Selby into a diverse community food garden and cultural kitchen. We've already had a fantastic response to crowdfunding for the project online, raising more than £1,900 in the first week - and the project is set to be featured on BBC1's Inside Out London early this month. You can follow us on facebook and twitter and help us make it happen in 2013. You can view the project in detail here.

It's also been a hard year with austerity measures and cuts impacting on our work and the environments in whcih we live. Once again in 2013 we are affirming our commitment to creating local jobs and building skills for life and work among the most neglected and excluded elements of our society. Our Community Energy Lab and Wood Works Wonders programmes are at the forefront of this battle, leading the way for local entrepreneurship and environmental development by creating new opportunities and partnerships across London.

We are constantly finding ways to make our building spaces a better place to be, with incremental improvements to the facilities on-site  and our reputation as a leading sustainable community in practise. We are working in partnership with licensees and users to lower our energy use and promote sustainable best practise. We realise this is a continual struggle but we hope that 2013 will be the decisive year for securing a longer lease.

Finally we say a huge thank you to our Duty officers who are the life-blood of Selby, keeping the building and day to day actrivities running smoothly all year. Additional thanks to our volunteers, volunteer Project Manager Dexter Kelly and partners Locality, BITC, Spacehive, Shonet, DCLG, Social Enterprise Mark, London Community Resource Network, NCVO, St.Giles Trust, our Community Organisers, London borough of Haringey, Sainsbury's, Lloyds TSB and Friends Provident. 

Last but by no means least we are excited to be welcoming back the Centre Manager Ahmed, who will be returing this month.

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