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Selby Trust developing People’s Planning App to encourage Inclusive Design for Communities

The Selby Trust and Community Energy Lab have teamed up with Our Digital Community and the Creative Co-op to develop a new meaningful consultation tool to empower local communities to get involved in local planning and design.

By creating a tool through the our Digital Community learning programme with top developers and digital entrepreneurs, the People’s Planning App will support developers and architects engage with stakeholders and track live progress of local projects and consultations - changing the way the community shapes the planning of local space and places.

The People’s Planning App will encourage a ‘co-operative’ rather than competitive facilitation of planning through peer learning and evaluation – resulting in more successful planning and better relationships.

Development of the app will take place from November 2013 and will offer benefits for planners, architects and users, including:

1.     A platform for meaningful accredited consultation on local change,  in easy to understand language

2.     A digital local network including track-able decision making and consultation process

3.     Visible, democratic and shared dialogue between stakeholders

4.     Increased success at planning achieved through better relationships and an inclusive attitude

5.     Improved social value for better procurement of public services

6.     Strong partnerships and active sharing between local residents, businesses, architects, users and developers 

It's a really exciting chance to get involved in an innovative new idea and have your say on what elements of the application we need most and to hear your ideas on making it happen. We believe the project will be a great success as more inclusive planning means better results for developers, users and the community.

Join us – and be part of the future of inclusive design

We need your help to develop a network of interested stakeholders and local residents to inform the development of the People’s Planning App. We’re calling on designers, students, local residents, community groups and other organisations in Haringey to take our motto of Many Cultures – One Community and help build it around your needs and thoughts on local planning and change.

Using the Selby Centre as a familiar case study, we’re interested in your input to help discuss changes to the building and site that will benefit the community and form the basis of the People’s Planning App for the future. We will be creating a network that we can draw on to inform what we should, and shouldn’t prioritise in the development of a tool and are keen to know from users and existing designers, community groups and more the best ways of ensuring that the new app will be as inclusive, and versatile, as possible.

If you are interested, or would like to find out more please get in touch, as we want to hear from you. You can call us on 0208 885 5499 weekdays or email Abigail or James at

Find out more about the People’s Planning App by following us on Facebook and Twitter

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