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Summer to remember 2014

Members of an Indian cricket team are preparing to launch a “Summer To Remember” for young people in Tottenham on Friday, inspiring and encouraging kids through sport.

The Delhi Blues Cricket Club team members will encourage and mentor youngsters to take up cricket, football and basketball in a week-long project in partnership with the Tottenham-based Selby Trust.

The project will be led by experienced coaches in basketball, football, cricket, boxing and bike maintenance whose main objective will be teaching young people how to use their leadership skills, while stars from the Delhi Blues team will act as inspiring mentors.

It is hoped the project will also help rebuild local cricket culture amongst young people and foster global connections with youth teams abroad.

Also on the agenda is a will to reduce levels of obesity among young people. In White Hart Lane ward, 17.5 per cent of four year olds starting school are already obese - almost twice the UK average.

The Delhi Blues club gives proper training and extensive exposure to the cricketing culture, taking young players abroad and helping develop them into promising adults with transferable skills.

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