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Thanks for joining the Selby Urban Village Public Engagement #3 event!

We recently held an online drop-in meeting and an event on-site at our Global Garden at the end of June as part of the 3rd round of the Selby Urban Village public engagement with Karakusevic Carson Architects.

We are working in partnership with Haringey Council to develop a joint vision for the existing Selby Centre and Bull Lane sites. The vision is to create a new Selby Urban Village, made up of new homes, including council homes, new sporting facilities, a new park and a new Selby Centre, which will be at the heart of the new community.

Jack Skinner from Selby Trust and architects Sohanna and Mark facilitated the event by demonstrating the emerging proposals via posters and a 3-D model with the members of our staff, licensees and the public.

You can visit the Selby Urban Village project website and provide us with your feedback via a short online questionnaire (we would highly recommend filling this in once you have watched the films).

The online questionnaire is available until the end of this round of engagement, on Friday 9 July.

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