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The Selby Trust Highlighted In The Haringey Carbon Report

Haringey Council has published it's fourth Carbon Report setting out the borough’s progress towards its carbon target. The report highlights the work of the Selby Trust towards achieving the successes for 2014. 

Young volunteers at the Selby Centre presented the Community Energy Lab; a hands-on, educational programme. They proposed that retrofit of existing buildings in Tottenham could provide a pathway into learning and employment for disadvantaged young people, while promoting energy-efficient and sustainable construction methods in the borough.

The project was awarded £10,500 seed funding. Additional funding was provided by Job Centre Plus and in-kind support from the Selby Centre. To date the Community Energy Lab (CEL) has:

  • The Community Energy Lab - The Selby Centre in Tottenham set up a training facility to teach building insulation courses, has retrofit local community centres and homes, and provided 11 work placements which have helped several people to find successful employment

  • Developed marketing materials including a website, social media, flyers and posters, conducted a door-to-door local promotion campaign and attended events including Ecobuild, International Women’s Day, Haringey People’s Day, the Haringey 40:20 Green Fair and multiple 21st Century Homes events.

  • Collected 10 cubic meters of Rockwool insulation from the Olympic Park, half of which has been re-used locally.

  • Reduced energy use in local community centres, through providing energy saving advice, draught-proofing and insulation

  • Provided surveys and reports to 12 properties, retrofit 4 homes and held a sash window draught-proofing workshop.

  • Facilitated the set up of a re-use project at the Selby centre – an addition to the Selby Centre's growing ‘Green Hub’.

The Community Energy Lab has also secured an additional £4,200 funding to help build a training facility where, in partnership with local charity HEET, Open College Network training in insulating lofts will be offered. The project’s long term aim is to become a self funding social enterprise.

The full report can be found below.

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