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Auction Event Sponsored by Kings Estate Agents raise funds at Global Garden and Kitchen in Tottenham

NEWS RELEASE For immediate release 21st October 2013 

Auction Event Sponsored by Kings Estate Agents to raise funds for Global Garden and Kitchen in Tottenham [28TH NOV 2013] 

On the 28th November the Selby Trust will be holding a networking and auction event sponsored by King’s Group Estate Agents to raise the final funds for the Global Garden, Global Kitchen based at the centre in Tottenham.   

The event will start at 3pm, and finishing at 6pm in the newly refurbished main hall, which has become a key attraction following it’s re-launch as the Selby Grand Marquee in November. 

Guests will be treated to a buffet, showcasing multicultural food that will be a key focus of the food garden and kitchen classes in 2014.  Celebrities, a professional compere and local heroes will be attending to make this the biggest event in Haringey this winter. 

The event at the Selby Centre comes after the Global Garden,Global Kitchen launched with an appearance on BBC 1’s Inside Out Programme in January 2013 and has since raised more than £10,480 in donations from local people and businesses through online crowd-funding platform Spacehive(1).

“Volunteering on the project has been amazing – the project is growing every day and is really exciting. The Global Garden and Kitchen will add to the already huge impact of the Selby Centre providing support and a place of learning for years, not just months to come.” 

  -Local volunteer on the project, Bailsabe has seen funding increase from £5,000 to more than £10,000 out of the £11,104 needed. 

 By bidding for exciting experiences and high value items, the event is hoping to raise the final £626 needed to get planting, growing and cooking in January before funding online ends in December.    

The funds will be used to transform unused space around the Community Hub at the heart of the multicultural community in Haringey into an inclusive urban food garden focusing on health and skills for local people. 

 “In the spirit of our motto, Many Cultures - One Community, this will be a vibrant, multi-cultural space where local residents from BAME communities can develop key enterprise skills, whilst keeping Tottenham healthy and fit.”  

-Volunteer Project Manager Dexter Kelly 


The Selby Trust is looking for donations of items and experiences to auction on the 28th November and for pledges to support the project online at 

Items already being auctioned include: 

• Tennis Lessons

• Limited Edition Muhammad Ali 3D Poster and Boxing Gloves 

• Vouchers for CrazyCuts Cut and Blow Dry Hair Treatment 

• 1hr Mixed Martial Arts Lesson for an individual or small group 

• Overnight Stay in an exclusive London Hotel 

• A two or three-course meal with Prosseco at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen  

• 1 week's holiday accommodation for 6 in top French Ski resort

When you donate, we'll thank you online with your company logo or name and help promote your impact on the project as a key part of regenerating community space and changing lives in London in our newsletter, press and events.

The Selby Trust is tackling the way we see food, supporting the community in a holistic way and encouraging local people to share their abilities with others. It's really tasty, too. 

Watch us talk about the project on BBC1's Inside-Out London – You can support us by donating now on our Spacehive page. 

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High resolution images and further information available by emailing

James Smith

Communications and Outreach Officer

Selby Centre 

Selby Road 

London N17 8JL 

Tel:  0208 885 5499 

Notes to editors

• (1) The Selby Trust provides a range of community-led services, including facilities management, under the banner of "Many Cultures, One Community". It manages the Selby Centre - probably the second largest community centre in England and Wales. 

• The Selby Centre is a £1m social enterprise operation based in Tottenham, Haringey and is a success story against the odds: almost 80% of its income is self-generated from incubating and supporting social enterprises that hire out community facilities at the Selby Centre at affordable rates. 

• The Selby Centre was created as a community centre in 1985 from disused school premises. After the Council’s own failed attempt at running it, threatened closure was fought off by the local community.


• The Selby Trust was born in 1992 to rescue the centre and safeguard local communities against Government cuts. The Council turned over the Centre to the Selby Trust on a 25 year lease in 1997 with full repairing obligations. Eleven short years remain, insufficient to attract serious capital investment. 

• The organisations at the Selby Centre read like a checklist of the government’s Big Society agenda: providing citizenship and employability training for the local Somali community; social care providers for vulnerable people; training organisations aimed at helping ex-offenders, young people without work, the long-term unemployed; and job support agencies working with those who are hardest to reach. There is also a developing plan for a free school. 

• In 2010, Selby Trust was listed in RBS’s UK Top 100 Social Enterprise Index for growth and in November 2012, the Selby Trust was awarded the Social Enterprise Mark as a result of dedication to improving the community and our fast growing Green Hub - incubating on-site enterprises Wood Works Wonders, The Community Energy Lab and fundraising for the Global Garden, Global Kitchen Project with partners Spacehive HYPERLINK "".  

• (1) Spacehive is the world’s first funding platform for civic projects – making it as easy to fund a new park or playground for your area as buying a book online. We spend most of our time working with communities to develop an amazing mix of projects, looking around for new ideas, and reaching out to people who might like to get involved. We love what we're doing, and who we're doing it with. 

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