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Colin Crooks 'How to Make a Million Jobs' Coming to the Selby Centre

We're excited to welcome Social Entrepeneur and Chair of London Community Resource Network (LCRN) Colin Crooks to the Selby Centre on the 27th of   November for an exclusive workshop on Job Creation and a live reading from his new book 'How to Make a Million Jobs'.

During the day, he'll have a chance to meet several of the organisations working here in the centre followed by a discussing ideas from his new book addressing the problems of job creation in high deprivation areas - with the theme of people helping themselves through alternative skill development and volunteering which are both crucial to our work and values at the Selby Trust.

In the afternoon Colin will be leading talks on how we can capacity build to strengthen our community ties and how best to tackle the challenges affecting us as an organisation and those in Tottenham.

There'll be a chance to ask questions and get stuck in to the issues raised.

The more people who come along the more we can get out of this exclusive event - with a chance to ask some hard hitting questions and find solutions to some of the key elements of the un-employment cycle that deeply affects our community.


Read more about Colin here or find out more on our facebook page.

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