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Community Business Trade Up programme

Looking for ways to develop your community business? The Community Business Trade Up programme includes a FREE learning programme and a Match Trading grant of up to £5,000. Trade Up gives community businesses the skills to help you diversify your income from trading, have more impact, resilience and be sustainable.

The programme is run by School for Social Entrepreneurs with partners Power to Change. They welcome applications from all community businesses. They are keen to support early-stage community businesses (less than four years old) who meet any of these criteria:

  • Led by a board or team who are mostly from a racialised and minoritised community

  • Led by a board or team of mostly young people (aged 16-35)

  • Located in and giving support to very deprived or disadvantaged local communities

More info and apply here:

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Hanna Ovr
Oct 03, 2022

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