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Drawing from within

TTM presents: Drawing from Within with Purl. Renown worldwide for her holistic approach to life, Purl has helped many people to make a shift in their health and wellbeing.

In this workshop, Purl will be giving you an overview of the range of holistic methods and life coaching tips that she uses, as well as facilitating interactive exercises including:

  • Positive affirmations

  • Wheel of life,

  • Mindmapping

  • Sound therapy

Please remember this is a taster session and depending on your specific health and wellbeing issue, you may require further work with Purl in order to overcome health or emotional barriers.

You may wish to bring a notebook and paper to take notes. All equipment for the exercises you will undertake will be provided

Weather permitting this event will be held outside, in the event of rain we will bring the event indoors.

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