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FREE Basic HIV/AIDS Awareness Training Level 2 – Embrace UK

The Selby Trust, in partnership with Embrace UK with funding from Gilead Sciences Inc, is working on a HIV prevention programme.

As part of the programme, we are providing FREE basic training on HIV/AIDS awareness and knowledge that will be taking place online this Autumn.

The level 2 training will focus on HIV and STIs testing, emphasising on HIV testing. The online training will cover:

  • HIV and STI testing

  • The importance of testing

  • HIV late diagnosis

  • CD4 count and T4 cells

  • HIV viral load

  • Barriers of testing

  • Access to testing

  • Availability of testing

  • Types of testing

  • Reactive test results and support

Embrace UK has experienced staff who will be delivering these training sessions. Time will be allocated for exploration, discussion, and participation as well as asking questions in each of the eight sessions.

You can book your session on our ticket tailor link here, and see below for reference of the eight dates this will be taking place on: - Friday 17 September, 10AM to 2PM - Saturday 25 September, 10AM to 2PM - Friday 22 October, 10AM to 2PM - Saturday 30 October, 10AM to 2PM - Friday 19 November, 10AM to 2PM - Saturday 27 November, 10AM to 2PM - Friday 17 December, 10AM to 2PM - Saturday 18 December, 10AM to 2PM

Please click the "JOIN THE GUESTLIST" to choose from one of the 8 dates on which the same sessions will be carried out. Once you have completed your booking, you have been registered for the training. Instructions will be sent to you shortly before your training on how to join.

Any questions please contact -

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