Global Garden, Global Kitchen appearing on BBC1 on the 14th January

BBC1's Inside-Out Programme is featuring the Selby Trust with partners Spacehive on our new Global Garden project and how we are using innovative Crowd-funding to make it happen.

It's an exciting time as we continue to raise funds for our new Global Garden, Global Kitchen project using crowd-funding with our friends at Spacehive - meaning that we can generate funds online, pooling small amounts of money from multiple donors to raise the £11,500 needed to transform the Selby Site into a multi-cultural, dynamic food garden and learning hub.

Following a week of filming in December as we launched the project live, we are excited to announce that the project and partners will be featured on the upcoming Inside Out Programme for BBC1 on the 14th of January 2013.  Hungry? Get a taste of the project here and discover how you can help us deliver a great project for Tottenham with a global twist and local impact.