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Global Garden, Global Kitchen Launch Today

We've joined forces with Crowd funding platform Spacehive and partners Locality to raise crucial funds our brand new community garden project- launching today.

Locality are helping us to deliver the exciting Global Garden, Global Kitchen project using crowd-funding with our friends at Spacehive - meaning that we can generate funds online, pooling small amounts of money from multiple donors to raise the £11,500 needed to transform the Selby Site into a multi-cultural, dynamic food garden and learning hub… and it’s happening right now.

We are excited not just because it’s a great project but also because the BBC have agreed to feature us on Inside-Out London, coming in the new year.

They will be filming the launch of the project from 11.30am today– meaning if you donate now the name of your organisation could appear on prime time TV. Better still, you’ll be helping us create an engaging, inclusive and delicious community led project that will promote environmental learning, work skills and local pride.

The Global Kitchen will take a key role, delivering cooking classes, selling produce and offering hands-on horticultural skills for healthy living. As a tool for creating jobs and promoting cultural inclusion, the project will help generate opportunities for skills training and work for historically excluded groups at a pivotal time in Tottenham’s growth.

So why not give the Selby Trust an early Christmas present – Get a taste of the difference we can make by logging in to the site at where you can find more information and a detailed overview of how we'll use the money to bring a delicious new twist to our communities.

By combating exclusion and isolation of BAME and disabled people, the project will further our motto of 'Many Cultures, One Community' as well as working in partnership with our growing Community Energy Lab and Wood Works Wonders programmes as part of our sucessful Green Hub.

The Selby Trust lies at the heart of some of the most disadvantaged wards in Tottenham, Haringey and actively encourages community development, job creation and engagement with BAME, disabled and other minority groups. It has been awarded the Social Enterprise mark and listed 66th on the RBS SE100 index. Almost 80% of Selby Trust funding is self-generated. We are continually focussing on developing innovation and enterprise in the community - most of all, we support you in the places where you live and work.

Keep up with our latest news on Facebook or get it first by following us on Twitter. Something to say? We can always use your honest feedback.

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