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Global Garden puts Tottenham on agenda for London’s Leading Businesses at BITC's BIG Connect 2013

The Selby Trust will be appearing with Spacehive to promote the Selby Centre’s Global Garden, Global Kitchen project at Business in the Community’s BIG Connect 2013 – the cornerstone of linking community action with big investors and companies across the UK.

The event will be a chance for the project to attract the attention of more than 1,500 of the most influential businesses in London on the 12th July 2013 – and will be attended by HRH the Prince of Wales. Not only that, but Volunteer Project Manager Dexter will have a chance to speak about the project as a leading example of Tottenham's huge pride and leading place in the culture of North London by showing our community as a thriving, dynamic example of our motto 'Many Cultures, One Community'. 

The Global Garden, Global Kitchen will literally transform the former school grounds of the Selby Centre into a culturally diverse food growing area with raised beds, fruit trees, growing terrace and a learning kitchen for cooking and skills classes - providing an exciting year round space for many have no access to an outside area of their own and come from some of the most deprived backgrounds in London.

We need your help! 

Big Connect 2013 will be a huge opportunity to put our community in front of the biggest businesses and decision makers in London with the chance to raise funds and essential investment from thousands of visitors, grant making bodies, BIG Lottery and HRH the Prince of Wales. The city's media and biggest national organisations will be there. 

It's a once in a lifetime chance to show that Tottenham is about more than the riots  - proving that we are leading the way with empowered, diverse communities working together to make change through local projects and partnerships. 

We can only get the funds we need by presenting the project and our aims with as much local support as possible - meaning it's absolutely essential to show that local people are determined to improve our community by transforming our site with their donations on online crowd funding site Spacehive.  You can visit our page on Spacehive and read our detailed plan for how the Global Garden, Global Kitchen will benefit local people and give now to help us achieve our target of £11,400 using paypal quickly and easily. 

It's big exposure for you too as we want to publicly thank and recognIse those that have supported our project at the BIG Connect Event on the 12th July. Donations this week of over £10 will also receive a hand written thank you and fruity gift from our Volunteer Project Manager Dexter - the passion behind the project - so we really do need you to get involved. 

In the spirit of our motto, 'Many Cultures - One Community', the Global Garden will be a vibrant, multi-cultural space where local residents - of whom more than 50% are from BAME communities - can share how to cook new dishes and develop key enterprise skills, whilst keeping Tottenham healthy and fit. 

Local residents have supported the project as a key way to learn about healthy living by getting involved in urban growing in an area still characterised by lack of investment and demoralised by the 2011 riots. In 2013 it has already attracted donations from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and has generated interest from volunteers through the Mayor’s Team London.

The Selby Trust is tackling the way we see food, supporting the community in a holistic way and encouraging local people to share their abilities with others. It's really tasty, too.

Watch us talk about the project on BBC1's Inside-Out London –  You can support us by donating now on our Spacehive page and find out more about                                                 BITC's BIG Connect 2013 here

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