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Happy Volunteers’ Week 2021!

15 of our Selby Food Hub Volunteers received their Volunteering Certificate of Recognition for their steadfast support at the Celebration Event run by the Volunteer Centre Haringey.

This comes at a great time to coincide with National Volunteers Week, with many of our volunteers being at the heart of the community driven response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The staff and volunteers have been working tirelessly for over a year to reach out and support the most vulnerable in our community to provide support not just with food, but also with other essentials and services.

The volunteers nominated are:

- Frieda Shube

- Hannah Marshall

- Amelia Pimlott

- Michael Mullings

- Paulette McFarlane

- Linda McFarlane

- Kaz Foncett

- Omario Nenie

- Connall O’Brolclain

- Susanna Larsson

- Tereha Kelly

- Ann Walsh

- Akeba Sturgeon

- Daniel Sikora

- Androulla Loizou

The nominees were invited to a Celebration Event on Thursday 3 June, with 30 minutes of virtual tea and cake, a drop in by the Mayor of Haringey and the opportunity to celebrate with other amazing volunteers from across the borough!

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