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Haringey Food Bank Urgently Needs Your Support

The Haringey Food Bank based at the Selby Centre in Tottenham is uregntly calling for donations of packaged and tinned food,  volunteers and storage space as winter builds in the run up to Christmas. 

Run by the Trussel Trust and staffed by local volunteers, the Food Bank helps more than 45 families a week to access emergency food packages but is expecting this figure to rise to as many as 70 families every week as winter affects those forced to choose between rent, heat or eating in the borough. 

Haringey is ranked the 13th most deprived borough in England, with more people turning to the food bank as the welfare cuts and benefit cap trialled in Tottenham and surrounding areas means that increasing numbers are facing poverty. In the UK, foodbanks now support over 347,000 individuals  - almost triple that the number from 2011-12.

Worried about what the winter will bring, Food Bank manager Susan Olurotimi at the Selby Centre says:  

"The community needs help. We are willing to do whatever we can do but there's a limit to how far we can go - that's why we urgently need your support. We are open every Wednesday and Thursday so please come and give what you can." 

While the Selby Centre is home to a thriving community of Asian, Carribbean, Kurdish, Eastern European, Somali and Congolese groups and activities, volunteers at the food bank are clear that food povery is affecting everyone - including smaller families caught out by rising energy bills, the cuts to welfare and increasing rent costs. 


Your support is absolutely crucial. The Foodbank urgently requires donations of packaged foods, tinned and long-life items and can also make use of stationery and office supplies to help volunteers at the Selby Centre support more individuals in crisis. 

The Haringey Food Bank is open every Wednesday and Thursday from 12-5pm.  Please come and give what you can or contact Susan on

Recently hosted at the Selby Centre after being moved from previous premises on the high road, the Food Bank is grateful for the lifeline provided by the Selby Trust as well as for the crucial support volunteers, the Living Spring Centre, Gospel Centre and Holy Trinity Church in Stroud Green.

Importantly. the Foodbank urgently requires storage space to support as many people as possible so please get in touch if you, or someone you know can help. 

The Foodbank would like to appreciate volunteers,  partners, donors and Tesco Stores at Seven Sisters and Stroud Green for their help and generosity during our national collection both in July and Nov 2013. A big thank you also goes to Chavurah, the Jewish Synagouge in North London  and Satander for their generous contributions as well as toservice users and the Haringey community as a whole. 

Happy Christmas! The Foodbank is offering free gifts for children receiving support on Wednesday and Thursday 18th and 19th December. 

The Foodbank also have a limited number of winter coats for those referred - please enquire when you visit. 

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