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Holistic Kung Fu- Tai- Chi Vs Qi-Gong

Holistic Kung Fu originally derived from the martial arts Tai Chi and Qi- Gong (from They are performed slowly and at a moderate pace, using both internal and external strength. Gracefully with smooth transitions between each other, this is a traditional art delivered in a contemporary way.

All the practices used in it are very simple and incredibly effective thus, it is highly practical and can easily be incorporated into daily life.

What about is Tai Chi and Qi Gong?

Tai Chi is a style of martial art that is graceful, relaxed, slow, and fluid, like a slow- motion dance. Tai- Chi is a whole body, whole mind exercise. It treats health systemically, restoring the body to its original "program", uncorrupted by stress, pollution, and disease.

While Qi-Gong is a method of exercise specific to certain parts of the body, e.g. the nervous system, endocrine system, heart, kidneys it aligns the consciousness and the body in more harmonious communication with each other resulting in a healthier body with a stronger immunity to protect against invasive forces like sickness and disease.

Benefits of Holistic Kung Fu:

• Building a level of stress-resistance

• Improved mood

• Problem-solving skills and enhanced learning ability

• Heightened mental awareness and increased confidence

• Decrease anxiety

• Improved the immune system.

This is event not to be missed!

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