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Latest News from Selby Boxing Club

Hello All,

We are thinking of you all and your families. We hope you are staying safe and well! As you know, temporarily closing our club doors, was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make.

But some GOOD NEWS! We have recently launched some virtual and online classes, you can keep motivated and keep your family active.

See attached for our latest timetable for May onward and also a leaflet for the Selby Centre Food Hub

For access to all our online sessions, here is the Zoom Link:(please delete all our other links)

We also have weekly challenges in May, if you wish to take part!

This week is a press-up challenge as many as you can in 1 minute. Send totals to @selbyabc1, or @nevespt

Please record your minute for proof (your clip will be requested if you win). The winner gets a £5 discount off your first month back!

Our Notes:

We communicate on our Instagram page regularly : @selbyabc1

We will also be sharing workout videos on our page and stories ( don't forget to tag us to keep each other motivated and to feature).

We will share some Q&As with Boxers, Coaches and other special guests over the weeks to come!

We are trying to reach all our members but please share with each other or ask us for any tips / give us feedback.

For more information, please visit

Stay healthy, follow the guidelines but stay active !

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