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Launch of Haringey 40:20 Home Energy Check Up and Free Green Deal Assessment

Haringey Council have received funding from DECC to offer residents free Green Deal assessment until the end of March 2013.

Haringey Council are working with the Selby Centre and Community Energy Lab to deliver the area based approach to promote free Green Deal assessments. The Project is called

40:20 Home Energy Check-Up: Free Green Deal Assessment.

Based at the Selby Trust, the Community Energy Lab will be promoting the scheme this spring as part of Haringey 40:20 Home Energy Check Up.  

The Selby Centre and the Community Energy Lab will be working with volunteers as part of Haringey’s 40:20 Home Energy Check Up scheme to help build awareness for the benefits of the Green Deal free home energy assessment ending 31st March.  The project this spring will develop community events and local relationships through a combination of conversations with local home-owners and presentations for community groups and others in Haringey.

What is 40:20?

Haringey 40:20 is the borough-wide initiative focussed on reducing carbon emissions in Haringey by 40% by 2020. In addition to the environmental benefits from reducing our carbon emissions we believe strongly that this will also lead to a healthier, happier and more prosperous borough. Haringey needs economic growth, but we also have a responsibility to tackle climate change and cut our carbon emissions too. Doing both at the same time is ambitious, it has never been done before, but it is possible.

The Green Deal is the Coalition Government’s new initiative to transform Britain’s homes. With buildings in Britain among the least efficient in the world, the Green Deal gives homes and businesses a new way of paying for energy efficient improvements such as insulation and new heating systems.

There are 45 different types of improvements currently available under the Green Deal, helping people warm up their homes and reduce energy cost.

How the 40:20 Home Energy Check Up works

A Green Deal Assessor will come to your home, talk to you about your energy use and see if you could benefit from making energy efficiency improvements. Your Assessor will recommend improvements that are appropriate for your property and indicate whether they are expected to pay for themselves through reduced energy bills.

How Green Deal Works after the Free Green Deal Assessment:

If you would to consider a Green Deal plan or have any questions after your assessment, contact the helpline [see leaflet for details]. The helpline will sign post you to Green Deal Providers.

Green Deal Providers will then quote for the recommended improvements. You can get as many quotes as you like, and you don’t have to choose all of the recommendations made to you.

Once you’ve chosen a Green Deal Provider, they will write up a Green Deal Plan. The plan is a contract between you and the Provider – it sets out the work that will be done and the repayments, including the fixed interest rate. Once you’ve agreed to a Green Deal Plan, your Provider will arrange for the improvements to be made to your home by a Green Deal Installer. You can then start to enjoy a more energy efficient home. Your Green Deal repayments will be automatically added to the electricity bill for the home.

For more information call the 40:20 Home Energy Check Up advice line on 0207 527 4736 or email

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