Making the Difference: Dorothy

“This job was a dream come true. As a resident of Tottenham for over 22 years, I always had a passion for my community.”

As we continue to celebrate the fantastic work of our Community Organisers following their graduation at the end of a great year with the Locality Community Organisers Programme,  we look to Dorothy - whose ability to really listen to the community has led to three projects in the local area.

“Listening to over five hundred residents has made me much more aware of the community I have lived in for so many years including concerns, love, visions, project ideas and hidden talents”

Dorothy talks about how she was able to learn a great deal from one woman who felt appreciated enough to share her story and her interest in beauty and health to inspire a new generation to overcome the boredom of being on the street – a factor that lends itself to a bad reputation. Recognising the untapped value in local people, Dorothy helped relate this womans story to so that of our young people, recognising that young girls are often without the activities that are aimed at boys and can sometimes lack the role models to stand out and get involved in the community.